Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021 – Worth Joining or Not?

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On my ninth month of journey here at Wealthy Affiliate, I am presenting you my review of Wealthy Affiliate to help you decide if you will join the platform or not.

Although I have mentioned in My Wealthy Affiliate Personal Testimony that I will no longer make my own review, I am compelled to write one for you.

You may have read other’s Wealthy Affiliate review but not yet convinced in what they attest it really is.

Disclaimer: As I am an affiliate marketer, I may post some links within the article from which I get a small commission without any added cost to you. Your purchase cost from the linked source will not be affected. Please see my AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE.

You may be tossed to and fro by the different reviews you are reading. Not anymore, because in this review, I will be very transparent in giving my opinion and further testimony.

My Answer: Worth Joining

Trust me with this, my answer is a pure YES! 

Yes, it is worth to join Wealthy Affiliate and make it a stepping stone to achieve financial freedom, attain the lifestyle you are dreaming of and joyfully reach out to more people and not just to your very close ones.

I am not yet at the peak of my success. In fact I would say that I am quite slow. But I am doing fine, I am seeing and getting progress and benefits. What were very vague to me then are now understood and I am getting more familiar.

I can’t even imagine how I have started. I struggled a lot with computer technical terms I encountered. There were even computer programs and eye-rolling codes. I am thankful I am starting to read through.

I would say Wealthy Affiliate really helps, it is legit and worth joining.  If you want to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate platform through its free membership just click here.

I am seeing a clean pathway and the end point very clearly.

Let us explore more by giving you the details below and please read throughout if you want a very transparent review and clearer direction when you join.

My Wealthy Affiliate Score Card

Features Rating Feature Description
Website 4.7/5 A platform designed to build your own website/s or platform With membership fee generating programs (thus, free premium)
Price4.8/5  Free as a starter member
$19 the first month for premium membership
$ 49 succeeding months for premium membership
$495 for annual membership
$795 for premium plus annual membership

Support4.8/524/7 Site Support
Readily Helpful With A Joyful Countenance Community
Training4.6/5With Earn While You Learn Step by Step Training Programs
Site and Community Training

Tools to Suit Each Member’s Level of Understanding

Here is more…

The Wealthy Affiliate Platform!

This is the Wealthy Affiliate Platform where you will be taught how to create your own online business.

The Starter Member has selective access to the features of the platform. The very important aspects to know are the free access for the Level 1 Online Entrepreneur Certification and the first phase of Affiliate Bootcamp training. Both have 10 lessons within where you can move on with your blog website.

Also, you are entitled to seven days of communication with the community of Wealthy Affiliate  including the owners and many experts.

So, Will You Join Wealthy Affiliate?

The free starter pack is available. You do not need a credit card to avail the program. What will hinder you from joining and take a look of what it offers for your benefit?

They also say that as starter member, you can continue with your journey and still achieve your dream success here at Wealthy Affiliate.

I am saying, possibly yes, if you had already experience in website development before and just transferred to a new platform.

My Recommendation

For a total novice in computer or information technology like me, I will recommend that you avail of the Premium Membership for deeper training. Lessons by theme with supporting videos which you can access again and again until you understand and implement the tasks assigned to grow your business and secure success.

I also suggest that those interested in joining must understand English well or at least may have a patient interpreter to explain the training’s gist.

You can use your own language in your website if you want. Choose how you can express yourself more freely and how can your audience understand you well.

And yes, you may be eyeing on a target that is very visible, but mind you, it will take your commitment, patience and perseverance. For me it is planting your choice of seed and expecting its fruits in season. It is not a quick scheme of  money making.

In order to realize your dreams, you have to lay down the foundations of your business. You can lay them down properly through the training programs offered by Wealthy Affiliate itself.

These are supported with webinars by the expert Jay whom you will love by the way he shares expertise when you meet him online. Experts from the community also provide training in the way either how they encountered struggles with the lessons and how they solved it, or how others seek help about the lessons especially when Google updates its system.

Building Blocks Of Training For Success

To my amazement, I found the training as if I have enrolled in an Information Technology Course or should I say more advance than that. As if this is my second degree. I am not yet done with my first year, second semester but I am already setting up my personal business as I am taking the curriculum. This is a great advantage and a very wise action to take.

Imagine how long we have been spending to get our college education? Minimum 4 years, less for the gifted ones and more for some courses. And another job seeking journey begins.

My heart melts at what is being offered as a salary to freshly graduates in my country. Much more for a heavy requirement of an experienced staff at low offer salary.

This time of year, extra care is a challenge for the Covid-19 pandemic impact.

But at Wealthy Affiliate, you are just a few months studying, and an online business, not a job, is already being nourished by you. 

You are setting up your first website on your first week of free membership and improve it as you go along. Instead of spending much time researching how to improve your content to monetize, I would rather advise that you focus on the step by step training and accomplish more tasks to achieve your passive income.

In just a few months, I am seeing myself computer technically inclined. I am starting to read between codes. And I am becoming familiar with what I have struggled so much when I started.

I am not claiming that I already know much, far from being expert either. But I appreciate where I am tracking now. 

I started to see dollars in my account, expecting more as I go along.


You can upgrade your starter membership with Premium or Premium Plus Membership Choices.

You can check what the programs offer by clicking here. I also made a table of what Wealthy Affiliate offer for a quicker look and some insights added.

Premium Premium Plus
16% OFF $4125/month16% OFF + $100 in Credits + 2 Domains$8292/month

Please do not be confused with the pricing. There is a post announcement by Kyle, one of the owner, that price is unchanged for the beginners’ first month to upgrade which is only $19. The above prices are intended for existing members.

Whatever, they are very much affordable for the returns you will be expecting if you work it out. And I have seen two income generating internal programs of Wealthy Affiliate Platform to fund your membership .

These are what you can get more:

Certification Core Training
Level 1-5 (50 lessons)
Certification Core Training
Level 1-5 (50 lessons)

Here is a view of the partial lessons offered in Certification Core Training. It is called Online Entrepreneur Certification.

There are five courses within that particular module and each course contains 10 lessons. You can see at the right side that there are tasks to do which are application of what you are learning resulting to setting up and improving your online business related to your choice of niche.

Bootcamp Core Training
Level 1-7 (70 lessons)
Bootcamp Core Training
Level 1-7 (70 lessons)

The Bootcamp Core Training, on the other hand, offers seven courses with 10 lessons each and are focused in helping you create and establish an online business with niche related to Wealthy Affiliate.

You get the chance to access the first level of the above two training plus a seven days access to the community. But with premium membership, you will have access with all that is tabulated below. Please see the designated for the premium and premium plus. I will not explain more details on these for now but you if you want to experience their benefits, you may want to join here.

1000+ Training Modules1000+ Training Modules
All Levels Core TrainingAll Levels Core Training
52+ Expert Classes Per Year200+ Expert Classes Per Year
Intermediate Website & Hosting
Package ($100/m value)
Website Builder
Advanced Website & Hosting Package
($250/m value)
Website Builder
10 Premium Websites50 Premium Websites
Enhanched Hosting SecurityAdvanced Hosting Security Suite
Free SSLFree SSL
Daily BackupDaily Backup
Hacking preventionHacking prevention
SiteSpeed Extreme CachingSiteSpeed Extreme Caching
24/7 Manage24/7 Manage
24/7 SiteSupport24/7 SiteSupport
Google Pagespeed Optimized
DDos Protection
Image Optimization
Dual Server Hosting Redundancy
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Instant DNS
Host Owned Domains
250,000 Monthly Visits
Website Engagement Platform
SiteContent Publishing Platform
Duplicate Content Checker
Google Pagespeed Optimized
DDos Protection
Image Optimization
Dual Server Hosting Redundancy
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Instant DNS
Host Owned Domains
1,000,000 Monthly Visits
Website Engagement Platform
SiteContent Publishing Platform
Duplicate Content Checker
Unlimited 24/7 Live HelpUnlimited 24/7 Live Help
Unlimited Questions & AnswersUnlimited 24/7 Live Help
Private MessagingPrivate Messaging
Personal Blog & ProfilePersonal Blog & Profile
Unlimited Community CommunicationUnlimited Community Communication
Feedback PlatformFeedback Platform
Priority Expert Private Help
Jaaxy Lite ($19/m value)Jaaxy Enterprise ($99/m value)
Unlimited Keyword SearchesUnlimited Keyword Searches
Manual Competition Analysis
Keyword Idea Generation (390 results)
2x Multi-Threaded Search
2,000 SiteRank Analysis Scans
Domain Availability Search
Enhanced Affiliate Program Search
Communicate with Merchants
Instant Competition Analysis
Keyword Idea Generation (1300 results)
5x Multi-Threaded Search
10,000 SiteRank Analysis Scans
Automated Domain Availability Search
Enhanced Affiliate Program Search
Communicate with Merchants

So much information to get and you will be surprised by the bonuses it offers.

I haven’t discuss about Jaaxy as a tool for keyword searching and how it can boosts your Search Engine Optimization or SEO. I would like to make a separate review with Jaaxy.

In Summary…

My excitement as a beginner in joining Wealthy Affiliate was replaced by motivation and determination.

And I can’t contained my joy to myself that I am sharing it to you.

In this article, I have shared you my 2021 review of Wealthy Affiliate to answer your question if is worth joining or not.

I have given you my answer that it is worth joining based from my own experience inside the platform.

I have shown the platform, discussed on what you can avail as a starter member and show what the platforms offers if you will upgrade to premium membership.

Final words, I am on my ninth month, I have learned, realized the benefits and progressed. I am seeing dollars on my account.

If I can do it, you can do it, too!

If you find this article of help or you have questions about the topic, kindly leave your comment or question below and I will be happy to answer you.

10 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021 – Worth Joining or Not?

  1. I share the same opinion as yours with wealthy affiliate! I have been a member for 6 months now and no plan of leaving at all! Even if I haven’t earn, but I am not discouraged at all because my pace is slower compared to the rest due to a busy life with small kids. But I will keep going because I know that it will pay off in the near future.

    1. Very true, it is a matter of prioritization. We stay and continue the race at our pace because we see the finish line.

  2. Good day, I’m pleased to meet you. Well, I have been a member of wealthy affiliate for nine months now, and I haven’t got my first sale yet. I have come across a number of wealthy affiliate reviews, at least majority of them give a positive overview. It’s great that it is legit, and I hope I will eventually get the success I have heard most members achieving.

    1. You will, for sure, just keep on posting and move on with the training. 

      Are you checking your traffic status also? Your traffic location will lead you where to market. Keep on exploring!

  3. You have written a very honest review of wealthy affiliate. I have been a member now for 13 months and it is the best decision I have ever made in my life. The new training that is coming through is proving to be a real game-changer for me and many others. I have quit my job and am now a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer all thanks to this great program + the hard graft that I have put in.

    It takes work but it is so worth it.

    1. Wow, thank you for that testimony. Great to hear that. I am not really mistaken and I am on my way there. See you around!

  4. Hi

    I agree with you that indeed Wealthy Affiliate is worth joining. I joined Wealthy Affiliate about 7 months ago and the journey has been amazing. When I joining I did not know anything about online marketing and Wealthy Affiliate did not disappoint. I encourage any newbie who wants to join to not worry about prior knowledge. Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

    1. Great journey at Wealthy Affiliate. Hoping more newbies to embrace the opportunity that we found. Thanks for commenting.

  5. I agree 100%! I joined for the ‘free’ version and got through the training within a week. Now, it is possible to do everything entirely free and succeed, and that is one of the major positives of this site/program. However, if you sign up to be pro in the first week you get a hefty discount. For less than $1 a day, you can continue the 4 lessons in the premium section. It is worth it. The content is easy to understand, and it is not full of success stories – the people speak for themselves. There is no guy in a tie telling you how much he makes and how much his followers make while in a fancy car or outside a mansion. The founders of the site are down to earth and genuinely interested in your well-being. I can detect a hint of a midwestern accent, and being from Wisconsin that just secures their awesomeness a little more in my mind. If I can understand the tutorial videos then so can you! It will require time and effort, yes; but there is a reason the phrase is “get rich quick scam” and not “get rich quick”. You get out of the program what you put in, and I say give it 110%!

    1. Hi Jude, 

      Thank you for your awesome comment and your personal experience. I am glad that people I do not personally know, confirms what I am saying because you yourself has been helped and would like others to experience what we just discovered. 

      And you might probably mean, Wealthy affiliate IS FULL of success stories. I agree because we are seeing them daily. Different people announcing daily the rewards or harvest from their planting.

      Thanks for commenting.

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