My Wealthy Affiliate Personal Testimony

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Sharing in this post, my Wealthy Affiliate Personal Testimony for your online business consideration. I have started at Wealthy Affiliate as a free starter member. After reviewing the platform and what it offers within two months, I joined as a premium member  with a small capital for a year of about 25,000 pesos. Not sharing a review anymore, because there are a lot of Wealthy Affiliate Reviews out there. I only want to speak about my personal experience for you to decide if you will join or not.

What I have seen is, it is an online university with the strategy of teaching how to earn while learning.

It sets up your website and teaches you the basics of website management in its free membership.

Then with the very light premium membership which you can avail on a monthly basis, you will get the chance to level up and upgrade your website into an authoritative one.

I am not giving you promises of monetizing overnight. For a newbie like me with only basic Microsoft knowledge, I can truly say that is helping me build my online business.

Disclaimer: As I am an affiliate marketer, I may post some links within the article from which I get a small commission without any added cost to you. Your purchase cost from the linked source will not be affected. Please see my AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE.


Why am I Sharing This To You?

Remember in my first articles that I was always mentioning about Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, this is one part of it!

I am writing articles for a start.

Quite slow but somehow progressing.

And I am working it out because I see people in Wealthy Affiliate community thriving and earning.

Just see some testimonies below.

wealthy affiliate success stories

These are only a few from success testimonies.

We are about 100,000 members at Wealthy Affiliate.

Don’t really know the update, people are thriving in.

And getting in touched to a community that doesn’t only inspire you but help you get through your technical and even writing challenges.







So what about Wealthy Affiliate?


Here are what a Starter and Premium Member gets from joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Some terms for me may look very technical.

But the information from the training available, the web tools at hand, the site support team availability and community expert helping hand gets every new member the push and assistance that they need.

And just recently, another intensive program has been launched which is the premium plus. I haven’t avail of that.

One of my favorite tool that Wealthy Affiliate offers is  Jaaxy which is a research tool including keywords that boost your search engine optimization.Jaaxy pic

You can try researching keywords at Jaaxy by clicking here. When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you will be trained further with the more specific features of Jaaxy.


Start Your Own Online Business Today

You, too, can start your own online business.

No need to be a computer expert nor an excellent writer.

You will be guided as I am being guided.

It is hard to find a business with a 4-figure income with a very low capital.

I know because I have been engaging with food businessmen for consultancy.

But the 4-figure income does not come overnight or in a short period.

It requires an investment of your time and commitment to study and follow the task assigned.

I remember the Filipino saying,

“Pag may tiyaga, may nilaga”

In English, “if there is perseverance, there is a stew”.

I have mentioned benefits in my past article for Moms staying home.

If you have seen the benefits of Mom staying home mentoring and cherishing more your family, then I can also encourage you to start your own business as I did.


Learn From My Approach

Multi tasking home duties in the morning – exercise, laundry, cooking for launch, minor gardening and other light minis that I can add.

12-2 is a schedule for nap.

2 o’clock up is intended for my online business with dinner preparation inserted.

This is my usual Monday to Friday routine. Marketing every other day and baking once a week must also be mentioned.

Saturday includes attending live webinar from Wealthy Affiliate.

Sunday is a rest day. A time to commune with God and bond with family.

By the way, I am a person with disability.

So what makes you think you cannot do it?

What I see would matter is how  much time will you commit and how will you effectively do the tasks assigned  in order to dictate when will you realize your income.

But if I can do it, you can do it more!

If you have further clarifications, questions or comments, please write them in the comments below and I will be glad to answer them back.

10 thoughts on “My Wealthy Affiliate Personal Testimony

  1. I just love this post. I like how you used your personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate and being honest about where you are in your journey. I personally know how good Wealthy Affiliate is for people wishing to become affiliate marketers. I developed a site that helps people find work from home jobs. I would have never built my site if it had not been for Wealthy Affiliate. I am also disabled and I care for my mom who is also disabled.

    I would say stick with Wealthy Affiliate because it is definitely worth it. Wealthy Affiliate allows anybody from any background to learn how to sustain an income and learn something new. I came across a few Affiliate Marketing programs before finding Wealthy Affiliate and I was told because I didn’t have enough money to invest there was no way I could learn. I said God there’s got to be away and then I found Wealthy Affiliate. I have never been happier. I have a purpose that no one can take away from me. Great post and keep up the good work! 

    1. Thank you for strengthening my Wealthy affiliate testimony by siting your journey as well.

      I am pursuing my goal. You and the other WA community family are among my inspirations to move on.

      I love to help people around me to enjoy and take advantage of what we have found.

      Stay blessed and thankful for the way. I believe God provided this to us!

  2. First of all many congratulations on the excellent post.  Having been a Premium member for nearly three years, this has first of all reminded me wgat WA has ro offer, the mind does forget the huge amount of benefits that can be gained from being a member.  Personally I visit live chat daily, it is a great way to connect with others, but I do limit myself to fifteen minutes usually.  The enthusiasm which you show will encourage those who read it, who have not yet taken the plunge to premium to do so.

    1. Thanks Stuart for commending my post. Thanks for sharing memories of your initial journey here at Wealthy affiliate plus your confirmation that there are a lot of benefits a member can get here.

      I visited the chat room about twice or thrice when I had a question. Thanks for mentioning it. I will add visiting chat room daily.

      See you around!

  3. Excellent article, well written on this great program of Wealthy Affiliate which I am very much involved in and loving it. I found myself moving slowly in learning all that I should to see monetary gain, but I refuse to give up.  Your insite gives me more hope to press forward.

    Thanks for sharing this post, which flows smoothly when reading that if I was not a member, through this article I would join. This is where I am having problem articulate and putting my writing together like this article. 

    1. You are at the right position at the right platform. 

      Whatever odds may come in, just stay focus to your goal. You will not realize it, if you stop. For some of the traditional businessmen that I have met, they testified that they did not get it right at the first time. First business failed. Second the same. But they did not stop. They only learned from past mistakes. And they succeeded to their first target, growth was then inevitable.

      In our journey, we may also have ups and downs. But the good thing is the small capital, the available training and mentors to help us succeed!

      Congrats in advance for joining premium! Success is on your way!

  4. HI RJT. Very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with affiliate marketing and posts like this are extremely helpful. I was reading before about wealthy affiliate and majority of opinions were very positive. I believe its perfect starting point for all beginners, with tons of training materials and active, helpful community. Thank you for your review and advices, looking forward to test them in practice.

    1. Thanks Cogito that you found my article of help and inspiration to continue your journey here at Wealthy Affiliate. Just get moving with the training and mingle with the helpful community and progress is on its way.

      To your success!

  5. This is an extremely informative article.  I appreciate that you aren’t trying to sell me but instead discussed how your wealthy affiliate experience has helped your own life.  All this while managing several other roles, and a family, you are truly an inspiration.   

    What types of things are you learning in Wealthy Affiliate?  Any tips for me as someone who’s just starting out in online business?  

    Thanks again for taking the time to write this honest review!

    1. I am just about to blog one of my flaws. It’s checking and reading emails regularly. There are a lot of emails that will come your way. Community reaching, learning from other’s experience, motivation, training, your mentor reaching and notification if your site or page has been Googled. I did not really gave time for this when I was beginning and I admit, I missed a lot.

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