Roti – Cooking For The Family

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Here is another quick and easy recipe for snacks, the Roti, an unleavened bread which you can also opt to master and create a business out of it.

Going back to my promise from my Easy Homemade Donut Recipe article, I am  sharing today, another simple recipe, the Indian Roti which I know your family will enjoy making, as much as eating, either for breakfast or snacks. Schedule another family bonding activity and create variants  that each member will love.

What is a Roti?

Roti made from All Purpose Flour

According to Wikipedia,  Roti is a round flatbread which is native to the Indian continent.

It is originally made from stone ground whole wheat flour plus water and is traditionally known as gehu ka atta.

Although, others may call it Rotli, Phulka or Chapati.

Roti bread is used to be with Ghee after cooking. Ghee is a type of clarified butter, traditionally made from melting unsalted butter and separating the milk solids from the butterfat.

Simple Recipe and Kitchen Tools

Again, I will be teaching to cook using simple kitchen tools. The recipe calls only for whole wheat flour and warm water to develop. 

The ingredient list and basic kitchen tools that you will need are as follows:

Whole Wheat Flour2 cups
Lukewarm Water3/4 cup
Extra Flour for Dusting1/4 cup
Ghee or Butter for brushing or any choice of spread or topping (optional)
You may opt to replace whole wheat flor with all purpose flour and adding 2 T of butter and 1 teaspoon of salt.

Mixing Bowl1 medium size
Measuring Cups1 set
Tablespoon1 piece
Kneading Board or Smooth and Sturdy Table1 unit
Cheesecloth1 piece
Griddle Pan or Non-stick Pan1 unit
Stove1 unit
Turner1 piece
Tongs1 unit
Clean and Dry Towel1 piece (or more for cleaning area – distinguish by color)
Catch Plates ( for raw and cooked)2 pieces
Pastry Brush1 piece


Notes on Toppings

Note that topping with your choice of spread is not an original Indian tradition. I just like the bread and explored assorted toppings. On the third flip, I topped it with grated cheese while still in the pan.

All Purpose Flour Roti Topped with Cheese

Just for a twist, like what my family does, you may use your own choice of spread or topping like pesto paste, curry paste, combination of cheeses, butter and jelly, peanut butter, chocolate and whatever you may like, singly spread/topped or combination of spreads/toppings.

The original, eaten alone, however is a vegan and a healthy choice. But eating happily in moderation with the family is a fun full activity. You may opt to schedule a family zumba next to burn extra calories taken from the toppings, ha ha.

Quality Tips For a Good Roti

  1. It takes practice to make a good and consistent quality roti.

2. Warm or simmering water produces softer roti as gluten cannot form well.

3. Hand mixing of dough takes about 5 – 7 minutes.

4. No cracks on small dough balls make a well flatten roti.

5. Use dusting flour before resting and during rolling to prevent the dough from sticking in the rolling pin and table.

6. Lightly rolling, turning or flipping the dough moving the rolling pin in a slight circular motion to form a round dough.

7. Flatten the dough with a rolling pin of equal thickness throughout the diameter of 1.0 to 1.5 mm. Not uniform thickness prevents the dough from puffing.

8. Diameter for easy handling is 5 to 6 inches.

9. Make sure griddle pan is preheated at medium high heat before cooking roti.

10. Best serve hot for a crunchy texture. Not well puffed will render a chewy texture, especially when cold.

Roti Handling

Packaging For Immediate Consumption: Paper box or line with paper towel prior to wrapping with foil to prevent from sagging.

Refrigeration or Freezing. Do not add toppings for refrigeration or freezing. Use resealable plastic or a tight sealing container. Place parchment paper in between.

Thawing:  Thaw frozen roti overnight in the refrigerator.

Reheating: Reheat over griddle or sprinkle with water then cover with  damp cloth and microwave for 30 seconds.

Involve The Whole Family In Making

To make a fun full family activity, you can involve the entire family in making it. Mom, can take care of ingredients and tools preparation. Grown up kids can do the mixing. If not, Daddy mixes, kneads and flattens. Grannies or Mom can supervise. Mommy or teenage kids will grill. And smaller kids may put the spreads. Of course, everybody eats and takes their turn to chat or play.

Turn This To Passion Then Business

Very simple recipe and flowchart of procedure yet it requires skill to produce consistent quality roti. 

In developing countries like mine, people are very keen to turn this into business using household kitchen facilities and tools.

Still, it needs only a small investment for those who want to make it a formal business.

You can plan and save to start implementing. 


In this article, I have given a simple recipe which you can enjoy preparing for a family bonding. I have given a brief introduction of what is a roti . With it are also the recipe, kitchen tools to use, procedure, quality control tips and turning it into business idea once mastered.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my article and is scheduling doing it for a family bonding.

If you have any question or comment about it, feel free to write down on the comment section below and I will be glad to answer you.

10 thoughts on “Roti – Cooking For The Family

  1. I love Roti bread, but never realized how easy they were to make yourself. I always buy them when we make curry, as it compliments the curry nicely.

    I love the way you explain how to make them and even list all the instruments that we need to get out, which helps to save a lot of time. I am definitely going to try this with my daughter and add the cheese while still in the pan for a change.

    You say kneading is a very important step to getting good results. Is there any reason why it needs to be kneaded for 3 to 5 minutes?

    1. Oh! Thank you Michel for appreciating my post. I just thought of creating a simple flowchart that can be easily follow. I love to explore recipes for our snacks and meal. Even creating my own variant as applicable.

      And before trying recipes from the internet, I make an ingredient list, even classifying them by how they will be added. Next is the flowchart using just keywords. I also love to make a twist depending on the actual final output I tried, my knowledge on the ingredient functions and the way my family would love eating it.

      Enjoy making Roti bread! 

  2. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us.  

    This is a great one for me to try, as it is totally different from anything I have tried before.

    I love that it can be sweet or savoury, depending on when you are going to eat them. I love the thought of it with cheese, but also with peanut butter.  But not at the same time lol.

    Keep them coming.

    1. Hi Geoff,

      Thanks for liking the recipe.  As you try it again and again, you will eventually identify the kind of texture, filling or topping that you want. Other things that I am thinking is to try making it a thin pizza or a shawarma wrapper ( nice with soft and chewy texture).

      So, you, too, can explore. Happy eating!

  3. It looks delicious! I have never tried it but sure will! And preparing it is a wonderful activity to be done with all the family! What I like the most is how simple it is! An Indian teacher once told us that the original roti came from Persia and it was thicker and made of maida.

    1. Wow! And you were already introduced to Roti before. Try making them now with your family and have a taste of the information you are receiving. We enjoy them and I am sure you will!

  4. I had to add this to my list of recipes and save this post. I love love love this kind of bread. It’s so earthy and delicious. I’m going to have to make a batch as soon as i’m done posting this comment and saving the page so i can refer to it later after I eat myself into a coma. thanks for making the recipe so easy to follow.

    1. Oh thank you for appreciating the recipe. 

      I also love it for being light and bloating preventive.

      Enjoy preparing and eating!

  5. Thanks for providing the recipe. In my language, ‘Roti’ means ‘bread’, so it’s a bit unique as a name 🙂 Since I have more free time during this work from home, I would like to try to make it occasionally. For the topping, is it good with ‘sweet’ toppings such as fruits or chocolate? Thank you for your input.

    1. Wow thank you for that information! 

      I actually read the recipe from other bloggers and call others it Roti breads. Not the Indian bloggers anyway.

      By the look of the ingredients and image, I just loved it, prepared it myself, made some twist on the toppings and to my amazed, even my children liked the bread.

      Enjoy preparing Roti and eating!

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