Conquering Challenges in Life



I have encountered persons with disabilities at Wealthy Affiliate working their way to success. For me this is another agency for persons with disabilities like me. Still free to move with a slight limitation for some physical activities, I thank God, my brain is fully functional and I can type or mechanically write what I want to document.


Facing different challenges in life from which some of you may also encounter, I am setting my pace to run the good fight of faith. I have already converted some of the hurdles I faced as my stepping stones to success.

1.Conquered emotional stress-shifting moods and flaring instances when provoked, I can now managed my emotions more calmly.

2.Physical theraphy together with dedication and discipline turned me to become independent from totally dependent.

3.Coaching and mentoring challenges made me watched and take precautions for my health while moving on with my career.

4. And financial challenges: it was hard for a Mom to stay at home giving up your old career and just waiting for remittances which you have to allocate for your family needs to the best of your capacity.

All of these, I need to balance in all areas of my life-as a mother, a wife, a traditional business consultant and a spiritual mentor-particularly to Moms.


With a habit to meditate on the pros and cons of my lifestyle, I have seen I was making much effort taking much of my time and energy. Many years ago, I have tried MLMs, traditional business ventures, proprietary and partnership alike and even enrolled to online business for starters. Different resources and levels of understanding the businesses failed me in those ventures.

Finally, I have come across Wealthy Affiliate. A mentor for business efficiency and more productivity, I will say that this is a place to hang around with lots of training and coaching to speed up efficiency and productivity. It has helped me to conquer my fears, for some that I still have doubts despite entrusting them to God already.

And to me, from my almost three years of stroke incident, I would like to make Wealthy Affiliate as a shoulder to lean on for my Command and Conquer Goal; The First Decade of my Stroke Incident. My time freedom, financial freedom and intact family – less traditional jobs and business which sets apart family members.


Still facing the challenge of being a premium member, I am setting my pace in running the race instead of procrastinating as I did in more than 2 months from now. While I am working out for those requirements which may not really concern you for me to write them in detail.


This is my first trial for content writing. I hope you got inspired in my quest for success specially those who have their own challenges. Just move on and start conquering your fears and own challenges! Stick to the training, add more time to review the community and discuss with them as permitted. You will learn a lot from the community, much more, I believe for the premium membership training.

I am excited to discussing once again. Wait for me until I fully join this community! See you around!


2 thoughts on “Conquering Challenges in Life

  1. I admire your courage and positive spirit. Yes, Wealthy Affiliates has provided a program that works well for people with challenges . The good thing is that there is always support, not only from the company but also from members of the community. There are so many different ways to earn money. Keep on looking up. I am sure you are going to do well

    1. Thanks JJ!
      I know you are one of those supportive people here at Wealthy Affilliate. Continue your good works.
      I want to earn money but aside from that, I found a community who accepts me for what I am. That is already a reward.

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