My Well Balanced Life Wooden Leg-like

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legs in rubber shoes stepping up the stairs


Another challenge I faced in my mild stroke recovery is how to have a better posture or should I say how to keep standing firm? We accomplish more when we are standing still. This is what I want to share with you in this article, to have a steady balance stand and optimize enjoying life.

My left leg was somewhat stiff like a wooden leg and it was so difficult to manage my body as if I was always losing my balance.

At the early stage of my recovery, my neurosurgeon advised me to get rid of excess fats in order to ease up posture management. I was about 153 pounds those days. My Google search says the ideal weight range for women with height of 5’5” is about 113 to 138 pounds.(other references  claims are within the range)  Sigh! I was 15 to 40 pounds heavier.

I need the quickest ways to lose weight so I can immediately regain my posture balance.

But my question is, what are ways to lose some of my excess weight? One of the things I resort is to search on Google what are the best ways to lose weight?


3 Quick Ways I Took To Lose Weight (And Still Taking)

As a result of my research, from the vast of information and recommendations I read, I figured 3 quick ways to lose some of my excess weights, these are;

1. My Therapeutic Exercises 

I sought assistance from a therapist who gave me therapeutic exercises specifically for every muscles to function again.

It was almost an hour focusing on left arm muscles and another one hour for leg muscles and he used massage tools for trigger point therapy.

That was two hours of rigid exercises, focusing on every muscles while monitoring my blood pressure. Just imagine the sweat I was losing. I had a twice a week therapy but seeing no significant change to my blood pressure in an intensive exercise activity, I took the exercise daily.

You, too can figure out your own exercise. There are a lot of exercises available online for every specific needs. There are those for beginners which I recommend if you are just starting, so you will not overwork your muscles. And once you find ease with your starter exercise program, you can now gradually shift to a more intense one. Of course you need to seek your doctor’s advice or approval for every program especially if you are at 45 years old and above.

2. Diet Planning

As expert mentors for losing fat and keeping it off say, it is not enough that you take exercise then eat your heart out to what your belly will crave.

I was contemplating while I was not losing weight that much despite the fact that I reduced on some carbohydrates, fats and sugars.

But the truth is, I was not that consistent. Sometimes I comply, sometimes I don’t. When members of the family prepare a sumptuous meal or satisfying drinks, I cannot help but eat or sip. I would pity myself eating very small amount of bland food while family members or friends in front of me enjoy eating to their fullness. And I find my quick and easy recipe boring when being cooked in a routine schedule.

So in order not to envy my love ones eating well to their fullest joy and stop being fed up with redundant recipe, I sought some food deliveries where I can get low carb meals.

Being a working mother who do not only serve most of my food firm clients, I am also in-charge of preparing meals for my two kids. Somewhat tiring and I am still avoiding stress which is my mild stroke cause.

Low carb food delivery has helped me managed my time and health concern better because I had extra orders for my children which we really enjoyed and are still currently enjoying.

3. Maintain 7 Hours Minimum Night Sleep

I was advised by my neurosurgeon to have a minimum of 6 hours daily sleep. I targeted 7-8 hours which she gladly approved. I have the habit of listening to my natural body rhythm and when it says, ” you need to sleep or rest”, I immediately do it not wanting to lose the momentum. The feeling is great whenever I get up after resting or sleeping. So depending on what time I sleep at night, I am counting the number of hours I slept which I am targeting at a minimum of 7 hours.

My reading at (please see reference below) told me that lack of sleep increases our level of ghrelin, the hormone which is responsible in stimulating hunger.

Healthline even cited a study in women who were getting a minimum of 7 hours sleep at night and improving their overall quality of sleep increased the likelihood of weight loss for 33%.

Thus monitoring and keeping a minimum of 7 hours sleep has been part of my weight loss program.


My Record Of Weight Loss

I started losing weight which I only monitored during my check up with my doctors. It was gradual of about 4 pounds every 3 months check up with doctors. Not bad for occasional meal cheating with colleagues.

I have normally reached a border of 15 pounds weight loss. It plays around there. It may go up and down depending on my consistency with my 3 weight lost undertakings.

And somehow with my height, getting the upper weight limit, my husband no longer want me to lose more. He is already happy that I can move freely despite a little physical limitations left which I intend to address by more muscle strengthening exercises.


Words Of Caution

If you are a person with medical attention needed, it is best to seek the opinion of your medical practitioner prior to engaging to a weight loss. Specific program may be applicable to you which can be advised by your doctor.


Faith Can Move Mountain

Above all the quick ways I  just expounded, my greatest motivation to lose weight, balance my body posture and get what I set as a goal are  Bible verses.

Matthew 17:20 says, ” Because you have so little faith, Truly I tell you, if you have faith, as small as a mustard seed, you can  say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’, and it will move; nothing will be impossible for you”.

I would say my life now is already my third life.

Back in 2005, I had a pituitary tumor operation. The pituitary gland is located at the base of the brain, behind the bridge of the nose (, so my Neurosurgeon considered it a brain surgery.

I take recovering from that operation as my  second life.

My third life was after my stroke incident.

May they consider it mild stroke or whatever, I was totally bed ridden and dependent.

From what I hear, some people say, part of a good recovery is in the heart of a person if he is still willing to live.

I truly believe that God is willing to let us live and have a good life.

As John 3:16 (NIV)says'” For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

I took John 3:16 that if God loves me, He is also willing to continue to grant me the life He gave that I still love and am still enjoying.

Furthermore, it is stated in Deuteronomy 15:10 (NIV),”….God will bless you in all your works and in everything you put your hand to.”.

Sounds like preaching, hehehe. I am not a preacher. Preaching is other’s calling.

What I just  want to say is that I had  faith in God and using those verses as promises, I claimed that it is possible to continue my life here on earth and I am still living. Living not only for my end wants but for a purpose to help particularly you, mother who may be encountering problems in health, home and family duties, budget, relationships and any other you encounter of the like.

No matter how huge the problem is, God is always there to help us.

He has helped me in so many ways.

Your help from Him is just there beside you. You will see it better eyes closed, in the spirit of prayer and listening to Him.


What Has This Story Do Anything Good To You?

This story is a metaphor of  whatever balance you may be losing in your life. But if you lose or you fall, will you be contented of just  lying down? Or will you look for tools where you can cling on and start recovering your balance?

It may sometimes feel good to stay at your comfort zone. But that is only temporal. Soon you will burn out for your daily routine and may long for opportunities you could explore when you come back.

Genesis 50:20 implies,  what was intended for our harm, God will turn around into our good. Always look for the positive things behind an uncertain situation. For sure, something good is there to find.



To sum it up, I had a problem getting good posture or balancing my body with my left leg not stable and stiff as with a wooden leg.

Being overweight added to my balancing challenge. With my doctor’s monitoring, I engaged in a 3 quick ways of losing weight program.

This include therapeutic exercises, diet planning and maintaining at least 7 hours of night sleep.

I lost 15 pounds with my program and my husband is already happy with that. Not wanting to lose more as I would look very thin with my height, I moderately adjusted my loss weight program.

With or without medical attention needed, you may also want to lose weight.

Bible verses which have been my inspiration to live and move to whatever I would like to pursue even conquering the shadow of death have been shared.

How about you? Are you encountering any situation nowadays that you want help to overcome?

Is there a certain situation in your life that you loosed balance? Well, rise up, cling on tools you can grasp and recover your balance. See the opportunities behind that situation and win your victory.

It is not that easy to change something in your life. It takes faith courage and the will to achieve what you are setting as your goal.

Can you tell me if you have your own program or you had an insight on how you may have your own program by reading this article?

Please feel free to share your comment in the space below. I will be more than happy to help you.






11 thoughts on “My Well Balanced Life Wooden Leg-like

  1. Your journey is inspiring! I have health issues and find it difficult to stick to a schedule every day of therapeutic exercises. How do you keep faithful?

    1. Hi Ryan,

      I am glad you are inspired.

      To answer your question;
      1) I was told by my therapist that in the first month of the therapy, if my affected finger muscles will show a sign of movement, then I have a big probability to go back to my normal locomotion. On the 29th day, I had a slight movement of my left fingers. I joyfully took that as a sign that I will get back.
      2) My full potential has been monitored by my therapist. That even at exhausted condition, my blood pressure would just slightly go up as compared before the beginning of my therapeutic exercise.
      3) Although the therapy is due only for two hours- twice a week, I asked if I can do it daily which has been approved by my therapist and doctors.
      4) My therapist encouraged me to religiously do my exercises even if I am feeling muscle pains. He said, the pain will eventually subside if they got used to exercise. He also said, that my brain will eventually acknowledge my muscles’ function if I keep doing the exercises.
      5) I set in my mind that God never created me to be in that situation. He intended good things for me and I want to regain enjoying that goodness.
      6) I have a loving and very understanding family who supported me all the way, even the tantrums that I developed.

      All these have been my specific inspirations and motivations.

      True enough, I overtook those whom I know got stroke earlier than me.

      If you intend to follow what I did, do not forget to ask you doctors’ opinion. Severity of stroke, they say, depends on the nerve that burst. I do not even know your health issues. Your doctors would like you to have that total recovery. They will give you an honest and helpful opinion.

      If you have follow up questions, you are free to do so and I will be glad to do so.

  2. By the way I suggest mas mabilis at makakatulong sa pananatili ng maganda kalusugan ay pag inom ng moringa tea👍👍👍👍
    Takecare and keep it up for more recovery

    1. Oh thank you for that kind reminder. I take lemon juice daily. I am planning to plant basil so I can incorporate them to my lemon juice.Not just tea, but organic tea. Take that too, Mommy Ana. You still have a long and happy bonding with your Son.

  3. This article is very helpful, especially that Rose integrated the spiritual aspect of life into the physical reality. This proves that as human being, we are both “matter” and “spiritual.” Nurturing one and forgetting the other is still insufficient. Indeed we are created by the Creator who desires that we live a balanced life, glorifying His name!

    1. Hi Abby, I am glad that you found the article helpful.

      Aside from the matter and spiritual balancing, I am glad that I am building more friendly relationships that adds up to my emotional and moral balance.

      Thanks for being my regular reader, commentator and for being a faithful and solid friend!

      Have a blessed and fruitful day!

  4. Tama yan lagi ka dapat positive kaylangan malakas tayo palagi at wag pababayaan ang sarili masaya ko at mabilis ang pagaling mo sana all hahaha ingat palagi lalo ngayun sa pandemic na yan

    1. Thanks for your concern to my good health. Stay safe. May God protect you and your family always.

      I appreciate you following my articles. You may share them to your wife. She will surely find helpful tips to make her daily routine lighter and joyful! Kindly see my next article, it is about a mother’s perseverance.

    2. Salamat sa mga comments mo at health concerns for me. Keep safe.

      Please share my website to your wife. She will find helpful tips to lighten her daily routines.

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