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Used to be living a simple but happy and highly productive life. Accommodating simultaneously a 3-days job a week, some private firms regulatory compliance project, engagement to government agency programs for micro, small and medium scale enterprises and still embracing motherly responsibilities for my two children since birth until now while husband is far out of town for military duties.

I call myself then, secretly, as a superwoman, ha ha ha. I had an efficient time journal for my daily activities. But there is one thing I failed to list down – my schedule to rest and physically refresh. Though I am closely monitoring my meal diet, my activities and a certain embedded tooth decay under my gums which has been detected lately, added to my stress and caused my mild stroke incident.


So why am I sharing these to you? What will be their benefits to you?


The details from my down time of total dependence, my goal setting journal and the mindset coupled with purposeful actions made me stand firm again and move on with more cautious actions which can serve not only as inspirations or motivations to level up confidence and as guides whether experiencing the same challenges or would be challenges in life.


My Mild Stroke Incident

AmbulanceIt was early morning that I scheduled a check up to my doctors for specific clearance for a dental operation, as required by my dentist due to previous surgery history. I even did the laundry before starting to prepare for my appointment. But it was then that I heard a small tick in my brain followed by not being able to move my left hand. Still with my voice, I called my Mom who immediately called for help. My son and my sister-in-law came for help. In a few minutes, my brother-in-law was able to call an ambulance. Quick moves, I was in the emergency room.

Not familiar with the treatment procedures, I was waiting for a brain operation. But they simply did laboratory check-ups, confined me in the hospital and administered medication.

Quick and accurate response save my life. Good traits to set as examples.


I was totally bed ridden and dependent at some point in my life

With nasogastric tube for my medicine and milk, I could barely move. My right foot created reflexes whenever I wanted to react to what people around me are saying. They just avoided my kicks while laughing. It wasn’t really funny thinking of what I used to do then stumbled into that situation. You may fall into deep self-pity and distress. But instead of focusing on the bad things that happened, I found measures to deflect my thoughts.

We are internationally locked down now. Levels may vary. But there are things we used to do that we can no longer do now. Uncertain actions like my kicks may come. You may be distressed by the situation, only to lower than your immunity to infections.


Rather than focusing on the negative aspects happening in your life, direct your attention to the opportunities that lies ahead. Remember the song, “When God closes the door, He opens windows”. It has always been part of my experiences to use challenges in life as stepping stones to reach higher goals.


Purposeful Life

Believing that my destiny has not yet ended and I still have many purposes here on earth, I did not even welcome the thought of dying. In fact, I consider my life now as my third life: My natural birth, my life after pituitary tumor operation and my recovered life now from mild stroke. Having a positive attitude caused by the faith that God loves me personally and He wants every good and perfect gift for me, I did not quit. Instead, I acknowledged that what happened to me were consequences of my own lifestyle and opportunities for evil to hurdle my way.


If you know where you stand and who is beside you, you will always rise up from your fall, no matter how hard and painful it is to rise. You will walk your way and offer your life to achieve those purposes.


Strong Family Support that Calms

A mild stroke person backed up by menopausal stage, flaring moment were often even provoking instances are so simple. But strong family support, extra ordinary care even when you feel for a while that you no longer have used to this world but a burdened to love ones.
I thank God my family did not turn back on me but supported me all the way. It is like when you can no longer hold the end of the rope, love ones reached and pulled you in.


In the same way, never turn your back to a family member. Loving is accepting the total person. In good times and bad times. For better or for worse. In sickness and in health. It is embracing not just the strengths but even weaknesses. You will surely turn his downs to ups.


Goal Setting Journal

In order to recover, I have set my goals in a journal. Among them are:

1.Physical Therapy Recovery Finger movement in the 1st month
6 months for independence
Not set for full recovery
2. Go back to work but restrict to consultancy Uncertain but did it on the 7th month
3. Achieve Motherly responsibilities again Uncertain but slowly came back

Very general, but I had specific goals in mind. Monitored by my therapist and with his approval, I daily did the therapeutic exercises with the particular muscle to strengthen. True enough with the therapist guidance, my positive mindset and the grace of God, I have achieved my goals. Full recovery being uncertain, my speech intonation often mistaken from a native area. Left side of the body still a bit weak but often not recognized in first meeting with an unknown person.

Lesson learned: When you set goals, focus in achieving them. Mind and action active towards achieving the target. Never look back but press on. Your success is already given, you only need the key to unlocked and claim it.



There goes my mild stroke recovery story. To sum it all: Quick and accurate response can save life, keep only the positive attitude and never the negative, keep tract of your heartfelt purpose from God, accept a love one to the fullest, set and act to your goal. Those certain principles, faith and actions made me live and allowed me to write this story hoping to inspire you and appreciate your life more.

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