Mommy’s Tender Loving Care Throughout the Storms

child holds Mom's finger

A child touches his mother’s hand, soft or rough, for the sense of peace that he cannot be harmed and will always be full and safe.

Few days ago, we just experienced a storm surge here in my country, the Philippines.

My province, as well as some provinces in North Luzon got hit.

The storm raged at dawn.

Husband is on duty work.

Not much food on the fridge.

My son seemed suffering from scabies.

Part of our gutter was lifted by the strong winds and so my son’s room was filled with stock water and heavy rains poured on it.

I was sound asleep when suddenly my children left their rooms and stayed with me.


If You Were Me In this Situation, What would You Do?

Due to pandemic, I cannot just bring my son to the hospital after hearing some people with minor sickness who were declared as Covid positive and were quarantined in not so good as as home care.

My PWD condition left me with the choice of staying home with home duties rather than accompanying my son to a private doctor.

Lack of money at the time needed prevented me from having my son with follow check up, false diagnosis at first, coming from our wrong thought of developed food allergies.

Still with some food on the fridge, I did not go against heavy rains to get more food.

Part of the house is flooded.

Too many task at home that I no longer want to enumerate.


A Mother is a Mother

That was 3 am when my kids sought refuge.

I did not expect that strong typhoon.

I heard the roofs banging.

The wind is trying to push and go through the windows.

I remember the story of the winning piece for a peace painting contest.

The winner cited a bird with her nestling under her wings and they are resting peacefully inside a cave while the storm is raging outside.

Instead of being afraid, I have pulled up my faith in God, sang songs of peace and trust and prayed for our safety and others who are under that storm until morning.

My children also had their peace in getting back to calm sleep.

If I panicked that time, my children will surely follow my emotions and actions.

Staying calm and I pacified the kids with firm convictions that God will take care of us.

AND SURE GOD DID! Glory to the living God!


No Worries Can Solve A Single Problem

Yes it is true!

No worries can solve a problem.

We are blessed if God will give us wisdom to see or foresee problems.

It is grace to see the solutions to those problems and act to resolve them.

As a mother, there will be times that you need to be tough and balance it with soft hearted touch.

Thought my son got scabies from not keeping his room tidy possibly initiated with the coming of our new dog.

He wanted one single solution of going to a dermatologist.

He obeyed in my opinion of addressing all the possible sources like cleaning up, strengthening proper personal hygiene, having the dog’s proper care and medication then his own medication.

Previous emphasis on proper diet and exercise, accompanied with food for the soul by reading the Bible were already raised many times.

Later, he was finally diagnosed with psoriasis.

There are complicated details in this situation that I do not want to share and break your heart.

What I want to emphasize is for you to keep your mind intact and guided with what you know will be best to your child.

That is what a mother wish for, isn’t it?

Best grades, education, health, career, attitude, future? What else?

The soft heart comes in taking out your own emotions and wants.

Not even directing but only guiding.

Giving your child the right to decide but mentoring him how to decide right.


Call For A Challenging Role

It is no that easy with these times that a lot of external influences are readily available.

Your child can build his own blocks in setting his mind for life standards,

Sometimes or many times he would defend the grounds where he is standing.

As Proverbs 14:12 of the Bible states,” There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death”.

This verse is somewhat exaggerated for Mom’s anxiousness. Sometimes your concern is the assurance of his winning over a certain situation.

Some examples of these are:

  • how do a child builds friendship or is he the target of bullying?
  • is your child developing good study habits?
  • or not just study habits, but good manners in general?
  • do you see your teenager taking the right decision for some major concerns?
  • even if you mentor and correct your teenager for things that seem unfit for you, he or she intentionally disobeys?
  • and so on…each mother has her own challenges in rearing up a child.

You can be so touched when you can foresee based on your experiences and tested beliefs that he has the wrong positioning and with high probability to be strike or defeated.

Remember my article about the attributes of a noble wife?

That contain the picture of our calling as a wife, a mother and a home keeper.



Nobody is perfect and we cannot be all that noble wife in one time.

But we can be guided, if perhaps you are still young.

Or even an elder who still fall short many times.

What is important is we desire the best for our children.

And we can look at  tested for thousand years on strong foundations to rear or guide our children.

What is on your mind? Are you facing challenges or the other way around, you feel blessed with how your children response with your guidance?

Whatever it is, I would like to hear of your story. Write it down in the comment space below.

Seek help if you need so, or share your story to inspire others.

We are all mothers. Let us learn from one another to make our family relationship more stable.

10 thoughts on “Mommy’s Tender Loving Care Throughout the Storms

  1. Hello there! Thank you much for sharing your experience here with us. Very inspiring to all the mothers out there. I was very touched and inspired as well. I really love this and I think it’s always best for mothers to share their experiences of their babies with each other so all can learn better and be a better mother because every mother want the best for their children. Off to share this now.

    1. Yes, sharing and also learning from one another and helping each other as close friends is one of developed goal in my website. 

      Thanks for commenting. 

      You may share my website to moms you know if you find it to be helpful to them.

  2. It is hard to solve these family issues. Normally there are difficulties in our homes related to money, work, and bad weather affecting our homes. But with COVID-19 out in the streats, the level of difficulty has gone up yet one level more. I’m glad to read your motivated and pushing forward in the midst of all this!

  3. Thanks for sharing your story and sorry to hear about the storm in your country. I heard it’s really a big one and cause halt to many of the ongoing drama (I’m watching several Philippine dramas). I hope you and your family can survive and live well after the disaster. Your story actually makes me miss my parent. We haven’t talked that much since we live separately due to the covid-19 lockdown. I hope everything will be alright.

    1. That was months ago and we are fine now. All is well, a matter of contentment and choosing the emotion on how you would go through the day. I choose to be happy, do my activities lightly , spontaneous and productive.

      I am just updating my articles from site rubix and asking for comments. Thanks for your sympathy and patronage for our drama series.

  4. Hi, I’ve gone through your touchy but interesting article about mommy’s tender loving care throughout the storms. well, I’m not a mother but believe me, this article has deeply touched me because sometimes we never realize how our mothers struggle to raise us especially during difficult times in life and what they go through in figuring out what is best for their children. I agree with you, a mother is a mother. Thanks for sharing this thoughtful piece of writing.

    1. Thanks for appreciating my article, Kokontala. It is good to reminisce the loving touches of Mom to us. How about reaching out to her and extend how much you care about her if she is still there. I know how proud she is, wherever she is, to see you progressing and still remembering her.

  5. Thank you, this was a very good parenting article especially for mothers. I like the fact that you acknowledge God as you try your best to be the best mother there is because only God can do everything good you wish for your child but you fail in your ability HE can help. As you said worrying will not solve any problem, so instead of worrying about your kids welfare and how they develop, give them to God and do your best with love. 

    1. Thanks for affirming that my article will be good for mothers. We are not perfect, only God is. Many times we may fail. But it doesn’t mean we will have to be discouraged. In fact, in our weakness, we will be able to see more how God works in wonders.

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