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Today Mom, you can choose to be happy or miserable. Either grumble on your daily routines or focus on Jesus not the storm and fulfill your day with lots of achievements. Start your day with a cheerful heart and there goes a chain reaction of a lighter day and easier things done.


On choosing to be happy, I will be sharing how I do my exercises which are so simple yet take good care of my muscles. My ultimate household chore list may also provide good tips in making the day light while being more productive. In being a busy Mom with the daily budget on top of priority, things may sometimes arrive pissing off your day. This post will be giving good guidance on dealing with pissing off situations. It will also cover how to discover your strength more and emphasize on staying focus on long term goals.


What Can Cheerful Heart Do To You?

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” I took this phrase from Proverbs 17:22 of the Bible. We may be surrounded with many trials, problems, anxiousness and the like. But I made a decision this year to put them aside, focus looking at Jesus and trade my sorrows for His joy. This is where I am pulling my daily strength and accomplish things in spontaneous and easier way.


I encourage you to try to own the verse, start your day with a cheerful heart, trust your endeavors to God and open your eyes to see the goodness of God.


Two weeks ago, I was encouraged by the video of a 90-year old woman singing about taking one day at a time. I was so amazed by how she wonderfully faced each day. I love it and watched the video again and again. You may watch it here later for your inspiration.


Take Good Care of Your Health

There was a time that I thought, household chores were a good substitute for an exercise routine. But I notice that I feel weaker and unstable whenever I missed my exercises for a series of days. I tried it daily and found alternate days for exercise routine better for building stamina. I just do lighter stretching in between days.


If you are busy, you do not have to worry with what kind and how rigid your exercise should be. Three years ago, my physical therapist taught me a routine which strengthen several of my muscles.


I have retained those that will keep me attend to some of my household activities. I am doing fine with them. In fact, just last two weeks, my son had a flu, my daughter caught it the second week and I thank God for shielding me from getting the same disease. Thanks for His given wisdom to do the necessary precautions I have to do.


As for you, if you already have that cheerful and trustful heart, you may want to look at the following simple exercises and include them in your daily routine. By the way, I started with this routine from five counts and gradually increasing as the days went on. During the first months that I was taught to do this routine, my blood pressure was also being monitored before beginning, during and after the exercise. So far, my record was normal blood pressure in the three stages. There were a little increased in my BP after the routine but were still within normal. I encourage you to ask your physician if this routine or any of the exercises will be good for your condition. Monitor your blood pressure as well.


I do them back and forth in about 15 meter-dash, 10 counts for knee raising, tiptoe walking, heel raise walking and normal walking. Jogging and squatting has 15 counts while lunging has 40 counts.


My Very Own Basic Exercise Routine

Exercise 1. Knee Raising While Walking – My way is lifting my knee and with my opposite to the leg- hand coming above my shoulder, I tap it across my knee. Back maintained in straight position and knee lifted as much as possible. Knee position is more like the circled picture at the right.


Benefits Of Raising Knee While Walking


Exercise 2. Tiptoe Walking – I was likened to a child who needs to stabilize my walking pattern, thus the tiptoe walking. It may help our children and we need it as we our age progress and muscles weaken.


Benefits Of Tiptoe Walking


Exercise 3. Walking Raising Heels – See the energy you save when walking with your heels landing on the ground. Practicing it will not only strengthen your muscles but will also increase your efficiency or speed in doing chores.


Benefits Of Walking Raising Heels


Exercise 4. Jogging – I am no longer surprised why I wasn’t infected with my kids within two weeks of exposure to flu. God’s protection and improved immune system through jogging shielded me.


Benefits Of Jogging


Exercise 5. Lunges – I love to show healthline’s procedure on how to properly lunge. I started today, moving forward while lunging as progress to my level.  
I personally have fun in leveling up my stage whether it is exercise or other concerns in life. Though I remain steady and contented.


How To Lunge


Benefits Of Lunging


Exercise 6. Full Squat– My therapist just called it sitting down exercise but I call it full squat. This is where my perspiration really comes out, feel stronger heart beats and drinking water would ease me up.


How To Squat


Benefits Of Squatting

The above routine is my basic requirement to acquire my balance from slight impairment. But in addition, I do some waist and hips twisting, assorted leg, hand and finger motions. I also include finger flexing, hand and tongue twisting while doing the walking exercises. The references are included on the benefits images, you may want to check later for more information.

Now this is a routine for a PWD like me. But I do not exclude the fact that it really strengthens my muscles and my immune system.


Ultimate Household Chore List

My strategy before is doing my exercises while doing household chores that needs waiting. Like setting the laundry or heat tendering meat.


But most of the time, I tend to focus more on my chores and end up not finishing.


So I shifted my goal in prioritizing things and keeping committed with my listed chores or activities.


I am no longer working outside home for traditional 8-5 job and I have paused on accepting online projects.


See how you can improve your household efficiency and productivity with the following updated priority list from those written at My Wealthy Affiliate Personal Testimony article.


1.Early morning devotion – I don’t want to sound religious, but this is my way of sourcing my joy, hope, strength and wisdom. Every morning I read the daily devotional message sent by my Pastor, read the Bible, meditate and pray. This is not really a chore but I include it in my daily tasks.


2. Exercise, maintaining good health is a priority – this is where the above routine goes in. Whenever my mind dictates me of household chores to do, I would say, “they will have their time slot, to exercise is your priority now”.


3. Laundry, et al. – it is a well-known practice in the Philippines to hire part-time laundry personnel. I had one until last year. My idea was to teach my children how to, since my washing machine is not yet a fully automatic one. And when they got the technique, I took the responsibility again to balance my activities and for them to focus on studies.


On listening to my body rhythm, I found out I am no longer comfortable with either a straight eight- hours mobile activities or documentary works. So what I did is scheduled the household chores with 10 am target time of finish, personal hygiene at 11, email reading until 12 noon and rest or nap between 12-2 to refresh not only my physical condition but also my mind, then I do my online business assignments from 3-5.


I join church online prayer time at 5-5:30, prepare dinner then dine with kids until 7 pm. If my body still permits, I manage to give extra time to my online business until 9 pm.


This is my usual routine, although lately, I scheduled laundry every two days and include marketing in between. Plus, I do extra job on other house details.


The real picture – multitasking. I set the laundry, start cooking and while waiting to finish laundry and cooking, I wash the dishes and do hygienic procedures in the kitchen.


Cleaning the bathroom is during my bath time. A few days ago, I replaced my 3 kg dumbbell in fetching and collecting the laundry water for toilet flushing. Part of the exercise with slight cost-cutting impact on bills.


My husband already witnessed how I smoothly do the tasks and they were approved.


Does my schedule look tight or rigid for you? Can you still smile with this daily routine? Be amazed that I can.


I just fixed my mind on that thought of a mother, doing things as much as I can out of love for my family. As my physical strength permits, I do things happily. I stop for a while whenever I need to rest. And that’s it.


Let us move on with the article to discuss what prevents you from to smiling.


Family Concerns That Prevents Smiling

  • Budget Anxiety
  • Workload/ Tiredness
  • Pending Obedience from Children – the later response, they have their own priorities
  • Miscommunications
  • Target missed/ Backlogs
  • Anxieties
  • Self-pity


I wasn’t really giving attention to this list during the time I had my 8-5 traditional job plus part-time consultancy engagements.


My mild stroke incident and menopausal stage followed by depression after entertaining these triggers eventually turned my simple and peaceful life upside down.


But those attitudes just brought down not only me but also affected my relationship with my children.


I thank God I have the Bible. I did not stop reading it and I was able to pull my composure by meditating on the teachings on how to fully trust in God and walk with Him.


What about you, Mom? Do you easily flare up? Do you find one or more on the list that easily brings out anger?


Would you care to share and discuss so I or any reader can advise?


Nobody is perfect and we are just human. The very first step to progress is accepting who you are and what are your weaknesses so that you may know what to strengthen. Be in touched through the comment section below.


How To Discover Your Strength?

The above mentioned activities and triggers were actually tiresome for me and they almost pulled me down. They were actually lightly discussed

But one thing is sure, I was committed to my daily devotion. I acknowledged my weaknesses and lack. I have given up working on my own effort. I let go and let God. Trusting on the promises of God written in the Bible. I remembered, I already saw miracles happened in my life, why will I still doubt?

The loving kindness of God, offering His own son for the sin and disgraced of man to win His grace again is what I embraced for my strength and hope.

The loving kindness of God, offering His own son for the sin and disgraced of man to win His grace again is what I embraced for my strength and hope.


Staying Focus on the Long Term Goals

I am a Mom with many and easily changing ideas?


Are you the same?


Sometimes we may be dazzled with quick money schemes, especially when list of expenses is laid down before us. I see no problem in getting lots of money and being rich. It is when we are already controlled with money that problem arises.


In my online business, with my information technology capacity, I saw website building can be done in a few seconds but building my online business is for months or probably more than a year before monetizing. But proofs that it will monetize are there.


I sometimes thought of getting a few bucks using more capital and taking more risk.


But I managed to stay focus with my long term goals and choose to live a simple and happy life for now.


Whatever are your long term goals, I encourage you to stay focus. Side trackers may always come but stick, be contented with what you have and be wise in consuming them.



In this article, I encouraged you Mom to choose to be happy today rather than grumble on your pile of activities. And to focus on Jesus not the storm or trials we are facing to fulfill your day with lots of achievements.


I, myself being happy, I have shared how I do my exercises which are so simple yet take good care of my muscles. I made you to peep at my ultimate household chore list and provided good tips in making the day light while being more productive.


Discussion on what prevents you from smiling was tackled so you may know what to watch out, stay happy and end your day productive. It also talked about how to discover your strength more and emphasized on staying focus on long term goals


If you have any question, discussion or opinion about the topic, please feel free to write them on the comment section below and I will be happy to reply.

10 thoughts on “Mom, Choose To Be Happy

  1. All of these articles seem so helpful and informative, it is all information that we need for moving forward. During these times of COVID-19 it is so necessary for us to actually pay attention to how we do things and how we can improve ourselves in our mental health. I think that this website has really proven a lot of that many others have not to me. Thank you so much for this entire website

    1. Thank you Misael for liking not just my Mom, Choose To Be Happy Article but my entire website.

      May I presume you are a Mom? If you are, you may have time to visit my website and be encouraged.

      In my case, I also read from the community’s posts before I start writing to boost my morale and creative thinking.

      I don’t see it as a waste of time reading other’s post but I actually become more productive and a quicker thinker with reading. You may want to try that strategy.

  2. Hello there! This is a nice article! Being a mother is not an easy job. In a way, it is probably the hardest job ever and not only that, one doesn’t get paid for being one. I can’t even begin to imagine how stressful it can be at times. But I am glad that you mentioned that happiness is a choice. By knowing that even in stressful situations, mothers’ can already start taking steps in planning how to bring about more joy in their lives. Thank you for sharing your experience on how you chose to be happy so that others can have an example to follow.

    1. Thanks Mike for appreciating my article and understanding mother’s more. 

      I encourage you to schedule a special time with your Mom, if she is still with you and express how much you love her and appreciate everything she has done for you.

      Do the same if you have a spouse. You will fill the magic more.

  3. Hello, my dear RJT,

    Finally, I’ve met someone I can relate to and there is
    no coincidence in this Universe that is why I came across
    your website.

    We live in a world where we are surrounded by immense
    beauty and sublime wonders and it is full of amazing
    creations that will succumb all of us to live on earth as
    it is in heaven and it should be.

    Thank you for such a high-spirited child of God and I can
    only assure you that you are going to be divinely guided
    and lavishly prospered as you moved forward to your
    expanded good.

    Happiness is a choice and all of us are given that choice.
    Life is so beautiful to be miserable. That is not we are
    here for.

    Our Almighty God created us for harmony and prosperity
    and everything we need in this world is already available
    for us. All we have to do is receive them.

    By us receiving them, we have the option on what to do with
    them. Spare and you have enough for one. Share and you have
    enough for multitudes.

    Thank you for sharing your websites. I feel your love for it.

    May the blessings of the Lord continue to fill you to the brim
    with joy, peace, mercy, and love.

    God bless you more and more abundantly.


    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      We just changed section from the platform and the divine connection continues.

      Thank you for all the declaration of blessings. I received, even not yet really seeing it fully. My faith keeps me at peace to wait for the wonderful manifestation of His gifts.

      To monetize is one of our goal. I am working on it calmly avoiding to stress myself. I am enjoying to reach out and share God’s love and blessings through how I personally encounters Him.

      You, having the same heart, blessings are within your doors waiting for unlocking.

  4. This is an invaluable piece of writing. Masterfully articulated. Being a mom whether part-time or full time is a big responsibility but the best investment if done well. It requires wisdom, grace, strength, and love. That’s why women should lean on God. As you rightly implied, to take care of another person, you must take care of yourself, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. And you have given detailed methods you’re using to be in shape. 

    It is God’s will that we prosper and be in health even as our souls prosper. Therefore, training our mind, by tuning it up with devotionals is very important. Prayers also help to lift up or silence the anxieties because faith, fear, and worry can’t co-habit. To get a daily dose of happiness no matter how busy, and unpredictable the day may become, we must have some activity plan of how to take care of ourselves, the kids, spouse, and any other areas that demand your attention.

    I have seen many moms being overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed, as a result of the unending housework. We have to give our service with love, not with grumbling, and sadness. 

    Thank you for putting it together for every mom to learn from your experience and wisdom. 

    1. Thanks for your valuable comment.

      With your words of wisdom, I see you graced with that strength – spiritually, emotionally and physically.

      Stay favored! You are blessed!

  5. You’ve thrilled me with this introduction. It’s like I wrote it! I feel seated when I meet a like-minded man. It’s the same in this case, even though we don’t know each other personally. It’s a wonderful song you shared with us. Well done for the lady, she sings well. There’s a lot of truth between the lines if she sang it! It’s a great message you’re sending with this article. Keep smiling like that day after day! Smiles are duplicated by sharing : )

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