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Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

1 Corinthians 13:7 ESV

In simple words, how would you describe your relationship with your spouse?

If you will reminisce the sweetness of how you have started? Can you feel the same tickle of emotion? Or may I rephrase the question, would you like to feel the same from how you have started?

Left husband and me, me in love background


Long Distance Love Affair Yet Strongly Bonded

Love abounds. No distance can put a gap to people who are deeply in love with each other.long distance communication pic

In sickness and in health, despite the challenges, in good times and bad times.

No matter how distant you are from each other…


Oh common….too good to be true!




Knot and Knots of Love

Many things destroy a good marriage. They will, if you will permit them – non-acceptance of who really is your partner, jealousy, discontentment and a lot more knitty-gritty details.

Very Shortly let me share to you what bonds us strongly together.

Love triangle

1. The Love Triangle. We acknowledged God to lead our relationship, the very knot of our marriage. With this love triangle, you can see that the closer we get to God, the closer we get to each other. For things we are undecided, we seek the Bible for wisdom in what to do. The Bible has many practical things we can seek to guide us in our decisions.

  1. 2. Love Your Husband Because You Love Him and Not Because He Loves You First – this is what we call unconditional love. Acceptance of whoever he is, his strengths and even weakness. Not really looking on outside
  2. appearance or material things. No thinking of altering him. It will follow naturally. The saying, the more you give, the more you receive applies with
  3. love.Long distance kiss

I love how Ephesians 5:25 tell how we should express our love, “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved her… So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loves his wife loves himself.”

As we are now one body, what we show or give to our spouse, we give and show also to our self.

3. Dance with the Music. Trust him wholeheartedly. Believe in his capacity. Do not give room for jealousy or negative thoughts. Support him and be  the inspirational woman behind his back for his success.

4. Be Contented and a Wise Home Keeper. So easy to say, please check my article on “Mom, choose to be happy” later to relate more.

With what you have at hand, be thankful and wise to allocate first for the needs and if you have excess for the wants.

5. Stick Together – This is Mark 10:9 says, “What God has joined together, let no one separate. This has been said in line of discussing about marriage and divorce. For some indifferences, signs of weakness to temptations, help your spouse to overcome it. Through thick and thin, carry each other. This is a great self-sacrifice challenge. If you cannot hold on, ask God to intervene. Actually, this will not happen if you let God to intervene from the very first stage of your marriage.

And last advice, pray together as a family. Remember the saying, “A family that prays stick together”.


Family at Church



  1. Love abounds. It is our gift of God. We can love before He first love us. It is a reflection of how His love for us that we can also love unconditionally.And this is how we can expect to have the tickling feeling with our spouse from beginning to end. There is forever. And we can say, till death do us part.Love triangle is allowed as long as it is God is the third party. With God involved, the more you get close to Him, the closer you get to each other.Love unconditionally, despite the odds. Jealousy, disloyalty, distrust must take no room. Be contented with what is at hand, be a wise home keeper. Stick and pray together.These things are not easy to do with your own effort but with the grace of God bestowed on you.Happy Heart’s Day and Praying For Your Stronger Bond.If you have a question with this topic or any comment, please feel free to write them on the comment section below. I love to answer with you.

10 thoughts on “Love Conquers All

  1. Love conquers all – is definitely true. When a relationship is based on love with God a the top of he triangle, the relationship  will succeed. Life can be challenging however when you have the support and love you need, all things are possible. Thank you for sharing  Love Conquer All.

    1. Thanks for affirming, Diana.

      Though challenging, it becomes sweet with your partner and love ones around!

      Hugs and kisses for you!

  2. I truly believe that love conquers all. I got married 4 years ago to the man that I had been praying to God all my life and we both believe that marriage is a love triangle with God. God bless your marriage and all the marriages in the world, may each couple give importance to the sanctity of marriage.

    1. Thank you for your love triangle with God testimony. My prayer is to let all couples see the beauty in this kind of relationship. The harmony, the thrill and chill. I trust God to let this article as one of His instruments to guide couples.

  3. This has really been a truly eye-opening article. You gave me a whole different perspective of how to look at life because from what you have proven here, love conquers all! I think that’s a very powerful message and I definitely agree with you because you have given me a whole different perspective about how love conquers all

    1. Hi Misael,

      Your comment is overwhelming by getting the impact of having a whole different perspective on how you will conquer through love. 

      Old perspective will keep on butting. But stay focus with the terrific kind of relationship that you want to enjoy.

      Congrats for the grace of receiving more love!

  4. Going on twenty-one years of marriage here and what you say rings true. Forgiveness goes a long way to healing yourself and having a functional happy marriage. God helps the most. The best spiritual quote I ever heard was “Only love is real, everything else is an illusion”. Peace and happiness thanks for sharing a loving article with us.

    1. I am glad you that true love in your life. Yes, one who loves naturally forgives even without hearing sorry aloud. Love rises higher and sees through. Congrats to your intact marriage and stay strongly bonded together.

      And thanks for personally relating to my article.

  5. Hi, I’ve just gone through this touching and inspiring article you’ve written about love conquers all. I’m in a long-distance relationship and sometimes I feel like I’m lost in the middle of nowhere. I agree with you a hundred percent that no distance can put a gap to people who are deeply in love with each other, no matter how distant they are. Thanks for sharing this article with a powerful message to keep our marriages and relationships. I’ll start sharing it with my wife and then share it also with other people so that we can always maintain our relationships happily. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post.

    1. I thank God you are enlighten that you can still enjoy your long distance situation with your love ones. You can always make use of technology. 

      My husband has ways of calling me when I wake up, every meal time, snack time and sleeping time. Not to count arising important concerns. He sees to it that I am find, our kids and our pets as well.

      Instead of willowing because of your distance, why not think of your strategies to reach out, pacify and let your love ones feel that you are by their side. They, too, misses you.

      See the wonders of your sweet action! God has blessed your relationships long ago. Go! nourish them.

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