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My idea in teaching you how to make simple donuts, Mom, is not just for your boredom breaker but also to initiate your creative thinking.

Your personal touch creations will also lead you to the benefits of learning new things.

We learn something new everyday.

But how do you nourish that new learning?

Do you know that this something new can make great impact to your lifestyle?


Generating Impacts From Learning New Skills

I really wanted you to develop new skills.

My expertise is in food technology and that is what I can confidently teach you.

I certainly do not know the manufacturing processes of all foods.

But I have about three decades of experience – combination of food processing, research and development, quality control/assurance, food safety, food business coaching and regulatory compliance assistance.

There are more specific details into those I have mentioned.

I am starting from breads because I have more than a decade of experience in bread making.

Slowly, I want you to make profits from the fun you started to do.

Make it your passion and then we will align it to become your business venture.

I am telling you, anything you love doing will never be a burden but something you will enjoy doing.


Turning Fun Into Passion

I would assume you made those donuts that I taught.

If not yet, I would like you to go back to the article if you are interested in turning that fun into a passion then looking forward for a business.

Yes, this is my intention.

Turn fun into passion and passion to business.

The greater idea is do the business while staying home.

Isn’t it more fun?


Light Investment For Lighter Job

I do not want to shock you with the task of hand mixing the dough that much.

I only wanted you to experience hand mixing.

Knowing the skill and telling the difference using a machine.

Oooppsss… it is not yet time to invest on a big machine.

A portable one may do for now.

I just want to hasten your learning process.

Hand mixing is fun with a little volume.

I do it for my therapeutic exercise to fully straighten my fingers and strengthen my shoulders.

I want you to consider acquiring a portable dough mixer.

I have mine but haven’t really done a review for which are at least the five best portable dough mixers.

You can search yours, these are among the pictures I have seen,portable dough mixers pictures

I am not getting any commission for now in showing these pictures or adding their link.

In fact, you can review others from online sellers near you.

I still haven’t really link to affiliate programs for another online business option that I may also teach you once I have learned it which I am doing from Wealthy Affiliate.

A little at a time and we will be there.

Once you got your portable dough mixer, please let me know through the comment space below and we will move to our next mentoring article.

We can do it.

If I can do it, you can do more!


2 thoughts on “Investing For Your Future

  1. Hi sis Rose, thanks for the baking tips. It would be fun learning to make donuts with you. I do baking but only the simplest type like banana and squash cakes. God bless you and thanks for the salient message on “never stop learning new things.”

    1. Oh thank you for liking it.

      As a mother, would you like me to write more cooking or baking tips? Or levelling up those tips?

      Your answer will be a great guide on articles that Moms would like reading.

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