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woman fit to work

How we would be physically, mentally and emotionally fit while we are working our way to our dreams is a concern that we have.

Health related hurdles are a great challenge for us to remain focus and active with our own responsibilities.

But have you ever ask yourself how to stay healthy this Covid 19 pandemic? I have heard some news here in the Philippines of Filipinos just staying home still caught the Covid 19 viral infection.

Do you really think that is possible?

So staying home is not the only way to keep protected. What if people so pampered themselves with so much sleep to the point of losing diligence and storing accumulated fats within body system? Supposed they over indulged with food not knowing how to strategically use time. Worse, they dwell or soaked themselves with the problems they encounter not really taking considerations on how to find solution?

However, many people around the world today are making measures to stay healthy and free of Covid 19 infection. They can think of strategic activities aside from staying home while waiting for this pandemic to subside.

I see equal importance for us to stay healthy so we could really focus on our studying, absorbing, thinking, writing and whatever implementing activity that we have to do.

Seeing of great relevance, I am writing this article for you, yes specifically for you who is currently reading right now. Don’t point your finger to others but focus your mind with you. I am pointing mine to me.

Anyway, based from my reviews, I am categorically listing some methods that we can take to make us fit for work below.


Activities For Mental Health

1. Redirect perspective to positive things. With a positive perspective on things going on around us, we can easily find reason why it happened or why it has been done.

2. Seek help for things you do not know. Admit your limitations and do not force yourself on getting things done uncertainly.

3.Prioritize accordingly. Support your activities with facts or data to correctly decide which must be done first.


Physical Interests To Develop

  1. Do regular fitness activity. Deep breathing, meditation or exercise that fits your current capacity.
  2. Avoid too much fatigue and stressful pursuits. Unload. Rest as needed. Relax your mind and body.
  3. Watch your diet. It is rewarding to do research what is inside the food that you like to eat. Balancing your diet according to nutritive information or risk assessment eating it, counts for your physical fitness interest.
  4. Make it a habit to visit your doctor and check for need of vitamins or medical attention.  Remember the famous saying by Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”. Depending on the medical attention you need, it is just right for you, to consult the appropriateness of your fitness activities.
  5. Get things done as set. Things are easier accomplish when done as scheduled according to required resources. Execute things consistently.

Emotional Undertakings

  1. Family matters. When everybody is busy with their own endeavour, your family stays to embrace and extend understanding. Do give a balance attention to each member of the family.
  2. Learn to be contented. Accept yourself for whoever and whatever you have.
  3. Open your heart to possibilities. Realize what other things that must be improved and be willing to adjust for the better.
  4. Learn the art of patience. Do not push yourself on what cannot be accomplished immediately.
  5. Socialize or mingle with people willing to support you. Widening your network increases the probability of being heard and having someone to lean on. Taking your turn to give back refreshes your own joy and adds more sense of fulfilment.

Do You Think I am Fitted? computer work

I can’t help but relate my own experience, why from a total bed ridden dependent, I am now courageously standing still and facing the world as if nothing happened.

I dealt with some of the above recommendations but somehow missed to do others not seeing their relevance for my health.

Positive perspective, watching diet, regular doctor’s consultation and too much patience. I had regular exercises during therapy but I got very inconsistent in my therapeutic exercises as soon as my therapist let me go on my own.

I had a challenge guiding my children while their father is regularly out for weeks or months of duty calls.

I got too open for business possibilities on top of my jobs so I really got lost and loss a lot of investments.

I thought I was prioritizing but in reality, I was just opening and overlooked to close what I have started. So I was not finishing any.

I have a professional expert network, business group, church community and even a huge family tree. But one thing I am not seeing is the deeper sense of relationship.

It was only a month ago that I got a full realization of my personal approach. The only strong human relation that I can say I have is that with my husband. It is simply because he has accepted me and love me for whoever I am.

In the past, I was asking myself why my siblings do not react with a thread on messenger as how they react to another sibling who posted only the food he is about to eat. Or just simply another sibling combing his hair.I also had a hard making my children obey simple instructions. It was not because they are dumb, they just did not like my approached.

And someone last month I had a sincere talked about my approach why people are not really responding as I expect them to. It was not a solicited reprimand.

That admonishment, however, as I accepted and corrected myself brought a chain of good reaction. Real contentment, correct way of being patient (not just accepting and finding good reason myself but also admonished someone special). Setting, prioritizing and getting things done. Farewell to procrastination!

And one of the best part is learning how to socialize online. You are the first community that I am building a good and deep relationship now.  I am starting with church family online. I already won my children’s support and I will dig for my siblings. My Mom has always been supportive and I just got short in returning favors.

Ohh, too long time that I did not gave time social media attention and building personal relationship with love ones, neighbors or colleagues. I saw it not as being unfriendly but a waste of time in not being so productive.woman balancing upside down

Wrong notion there. Please pardon me.

I did not see the healthy impacts of building deeper relationships.


Balancing now the details from the three categories:  mental activities, physical fitness interests  and emotional undertakings, is my next challenge. But I am seeing no pressure to act on each of them. A little at a time again and again until I reach mastery, fitness to work and uncluttered to do my choice of interest.

I am sure they can make us physically fit to work out our dreams. I have attached the reference I used, should you want to read more and validate.


Please let me know if this reasearch and personal experience will help you to manage your daily activities towards attaining physical fitness to work. Kindly leave your comment below.

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