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Guiding Moms On How To Start An Online Business

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Moms, called as the light of the home, works it out to a healthy family relationship, well known for her sacrificial moves. Her wiser option – start an online business.

Disclaimer: As I am an affiliate marketer, I may post some links within the article from which I get a small commission without any added cost to you. Your purchase cost from the linked source will not be affected. Please see my AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE.

A Christian Mom here, follower of Jesus Christ in my walk of life. So, expect that from time to time, I will infuse some of my beliefs as practical guides to what I want to convey. These beliefs are my guiding principles and my testimony with what I am personally encountering. It is your choice to trust, believe and follow for the victorious success you are aiming!

Know Your Goals On Holistic View

You don’t set up an online business just to monetize. There are greater purposes.

Do you know a Mom, who was so fascinated with money and her riches taking for granted her husband and her children?

I know some Moms who abandoned their family. But I am not hearing any word that they are joyful. The reverse is what I am hearing.

The Bible teaches that “Woman has been created by God as a helpmeet to man” – Genesis 2:18

Entering the World of Wealthy Affiliates would really overwhelm a Mom. I have been there but being overwhelmed only destructed me in my journey. I am thankful, I have pulled myself back.

I am moving forward with my Wealthy Affiliate now. And as early as now, I would like you to define your true goal as other affiliates’ advice.

Money, material things and extraordinary lifestyle are good, if you know how to manage them. Never allow them to control you. Always aspire first for peace of mind and loving relationship.

Honor God as you respect yourself and love your neighbor ( others in general). All other aspirations according to the will of God follows. ( please see Matthew 6:33).

Again, I don’t want to sound like preaching. I am not a preacher. This is just my way of life. Sharing who I am and what I learned for your benefit, which naturally bounces to me, is my goal.

Want “The Light Of The Home” Stay at Home

“The Light of The Home” is always referred to as a mother. Have you ever imagined a home without the light on it?

Some kids would make a joke, “it is ok if Mom is not around at daylight”

But there are some sections of the house where you will need light even at day time.

And Mom has unique eyes to see what Dad and the kids will not see, right? Give me a grin if you agree.

And children from infant until at least their teenage age,  need closer guidance. My Sister who is a School Principal will certainly agree. And so would my other teacher clan and most teachers out there. Can I see a Yes in the comment box below from teachers among my readers?

And when will Mom offer Dad her best time? Or reverse the question. Would their retirement be the perfect time to enjoy each other’s company? Yes, they enjoy and love each other more. But with the health condition of many Senior Citizens and their shifted habit, I will say retirement is not the best time for them to explore more of what they miss doing due to full time commitment in providing for family needs.

Mom’s Wiser Option

Mom has a choice to shorten the time of retirement! Yes! And that is you, Mom.

You can choose to be wiser and make Dad retire early and stay at home resting with you, the entire family, including your pets or exploring the world!

You might be wondering how? You have been working for years or trying to save from what you are receiving but can’t really squeeze the budget to produce that world tour budget.

I am not just dreaming here, tossing a coin towards heaven and waiting for it to return in billions.

I have been crawling like a snail, by the grace of God and with the channels of blessings He has given to patiently mentor me. 

Though Not An Expert, You Can Engage In Online Business

To be honest, I am not yet an online business expert. I started as a total novice and  I am still in the process of learning. But I am proud of my progress. And you can engage in online business, too.

Studying at Wealthy Affiliate after at least secondary education , or more after Senior High Education will be worth it.

I am not endorsing you to stop letting your children achieve their  diploma but I just want to encourage you to take this education, yourself, from Wealthy Affiliate.

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You can start as a free member if you sign up through the link at above and you can upgrade to premium membership at $19 for your first month. I can teach you the techniques on how to not spend from your own pocket for your next monthly membership when you join premium through my link.

Though slow as a snail, please take a look at my simple progress.

Announcing…My Mini Progress!

It all started about a month ago. I am in my ninth month now, and in about eight months, I failed to set up the tools to let me see how I am performing. I thought there were no people reading my site. I admit that because of this, I had days of procrastination within the week throughout my 8 months journey.

But in my last two weeks of observation, My CONQUERING keyword has gained SEO.

First, Bing SEO,

Then,  Google SEO

And finally, Yahoo SEO.

I used the Jaaxy Site Rank Feature of Jaaxy Keyword Tool which is also available within Wealthy Affiliate platform.

For my earnings, it is quite a shame for the expert affiliate marketers to see my current earnings but this is an inspiration to me and encouragement for newbies that there is really income here.

I only had $23.5 and it has grown a little today. I have not yet walked in the real world of affiliate marketers for this amount of earning.

While $1000 a month is easily achievable once the tools for money making tasks are set, $10,000 is also a potential monthly income. Not overnight, but something that entails hard work but a sure hit.

I am not here to entice you but I am just sharing what I am working with to you. Perhaps you might also like it for your real sweet dreams. 

The abovementioned income are your potentials depending on your commitment and hard work. I am slow because I am trying to balance my activities, watching my values and taking care not to stress myself.

You can set your goal depending on your capacity and commitment. 

Start Your Online Business Now

You may want to wait and see proofs if I will earn the income potentials I just said or you may want to join me today in my Wealthy Affiliate Journey. To wait and observe first or to join immediately are both a win-win situation. But the latter has just the advantage of earning earlier than the former.

I remember our positive declaration in our church for God blessings, “ Thank God, I am rich, debt free and a multi-millionaire”. We see God as the Father with His Abundant Love And Care Through The Finished Work Of Jesus on The Cross.

We see the Vertical Line Of The Cross representing our relationship with God and the horizontal line as our relationship with our neighbor. There is a great blessing he bestows us as channels to share his blessings.

I see Wealthy Affiliate as  an opportunity or a door to take that positive declaration in reality.


This article is all about guiding Moms on How To Start An Online Business. In setting your goal, I have cautioned you to be holistic. Considering your responsibilities for your family and not to be overwhelmed with monetizing and experiencing a luxurious lifestyle.

I have presented you a wise option of engaging in online business to make your husband retire at an early age and enjoy bonding with the family at a younger age and healthier condition.

I have shown you proofs of my mini progress or achievements to encourage you that you can do it too, whether non-techy or an expert in computer information.

Lastly, I gave you the option to start your online business later or start now. Both are win-win, but the latter has an advantage. 

So if you want to start as early as now, just tick the button below and let me welcome you to your free starter membership. Just fill in your basic information asked, join and you will enter Wealthy Affiliate Platform!

Let me know of your comment or any question regarding this article. Please feel free to leave them below and I will gladly answer you.


I believe I am already capable of helping a beginner as he starts the Wealthy Affiliate journey. If you will join through the button below, I will be your Wealthy Affiliate mentor. I am a detailed person and one of my job is to diagnose problems of an entity based on the facts presented then, I will recommend suitable medication or vitamins. I am not a doctor but only like a doctor in terms of handling problems or concerns.

10 thoughts on “Guiding Moms On How To Start An Online Business

  1. Congratulations on reaching the number one position with the three search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo. It is certainly a great achievement and something to be proud of. Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a great platform where you can learn about affiliate marketing, and also earn passive income. And it is perfect for any stay at home mom, or anybody who wants to earn money online. 

    1. Thanks, our hard work really matters! Good thing is that, it needs lesser time and just commitment to your allotted time to really focus on your goal.

  2. Isn’t it beautiful how a stay-at-home mom can be earning as much as you put yourself into your own business. It’s great that you focused on the group that needs your assistance, and I am sure that you will help stay-at-home moms in their online endeavors. Wealthy Affiliate company/community is second to none. Good luck to you and all your readers! My BIG recommendation of the program. I have been a Wealthy Affiliate member for the past 6 years, and I LOVE IT!

    1. Thanks Sunny, 

      In my humble way and with God’s help, of course with Wealthy Affiliate complete platform , I know I can do it, Community technical help, motivation and accompaniment is also a wealth to treasure.

      I look up to you who first tract the road I am taking now.

  3. There are definitely a lot of reasons to start a blog or online enterprise — it doesn’t have to always be about money. I feel like it’s unfair to state that entering the world of Wealthy Affiliate would really overwhelm a Mom. It’s a free resource and a person can do as much or as little as they want from it, so really, it is set up specifically so that it won’t overwhelm anyone. 

    Thanks for sharing your honest experience in order to encourage others along their journey.

    1. Thank you Aly for reading and commenting.

      I would like to commend you for being that firm and focus on your goal.

      I should have been so excited and put all my weight initially at Wealthy Affiliate. 

      You are right, it is a matter of Mom’s choice. I have seen other persons got overwhelm anyway, though, not really Moms. I have experienced it, so maybe, I would focus on my own experience in providing advice.

  4. Hi there

    You have created a lot of information for mothers on how to start an online business.

    It is Mothers day in my country today and therefore appropriate to be reading your article.

    I like the way you call mothers “the light of the home” and you specify the advantages of mothers working from home.

    You are inspiring as you mention that with some work and study it is indeed possible to begin to build a passive income business.

    All the best


    1. Thanks, 

      Moms are engraved in my heart. May the Lord bless me with much wisdom and time to minister for them. The more I reach to them, I am also being blessed. Monetary is a chain reaction, but my own spirit is strengthen or motivated.

  5. Hi there! Thank you for the comprehensive insights on starting a online business with wealthy affiliate. I have also been able to get some of my articles ranked on yahoo and bing so I found this post relatable. I think wealthy affiliate is the perfect platform for beginners in affiliate marketing or blogging in general. 

    1. Thanks Gabriel for confirming my findings. It is no longer just a personal experience only but a common encounter with someone who is inside.

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