Easy Homemade Donut Recipe

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My fair lady, let us take a break and make some bread today even without an oven and a mixer.

Oh, how lovely are the benefits of Mom staying at home. You are free to do an fun filled activity as this.

I will teach you an easy homemade donut recipe.

She who bakes will surely make her way to her husband’s heart as well as her children’s.

Not being able to go out that easily to buy your favorite bakery delights like donut and the like,

This basic recipe with simple making and cooking procedure will be fun and boredom breaker.

Even without a mixer or oven, you can make your own bread.

I am hand-kneading it myself, doing it as a therapeutic exercise to strengthen my fingers, with my therapist and doctors’ consent after checking my condition.

Now this donut requires frying.


Start-up Generic Baker’s Percentage Formula







Close to salt




20 (approximate)


1-10 depending on dough type


50 (+/- depending on protein content of flour)




1 piece medium (+/- depending on cost and desired texture)

ou may invite the whole family to join in rolling and forming the bread.

To give you an idea, the recipe above is a generic start up recipe.

It represents what they call the baker’s formula.

Flour is 100% being the percentage basis of the other ingredients.

You can already make bread with this basic formula.

The taste of the simple recipe below cannot really set your eyes with that huge and tantalizing because I want you to see the difference in experimenting with the ingredients.

Once you get used to making it and begin to understand by application the purpose or function of each ingredients, then a little twisting will give you a mouth-watering bread.


Simple Donut Recipe


Whole Recipe

Half Recipe

Bread flour

8 cups

4 cups

Baking Powder

½ tablespoon

1 teaspoon

Bread improver

½ tablespoon

1 teaspoon


1 tablespoon

½ tablespoon


½ cup

¼ cup

White Sugar

1 ¼ cup

½ and 1/8 cup

Instant yeast

1 ½ tablespoon

½ tablespoon + 1 teaspoon


1 ¾ cups

¾ cups +1/8  cup

You may be wandering why I added and deleted some ingredients.

The baking powder helps the yeast in leavening the bread.

While the bread improver strengthens the bread structure to be able to hold the air produce by the leavener.

Milk and eggs absorbs more water aside from adding flavor.

Your type of flour will also dictate the amount of water to be absorb.

You may use either bread flour or all purpose flour.

This recipe is something I already made at home and after frying, not a piece is left?

I needed to use 3 tablespoon more of water.

But watch out when mixing your ingredients, different brands of flour, though of same type, may have different water absorption.

Simple taste, yet highly accepted with my option of filling the donuts with cheese sticks.

I suggest you try the half recipe first so you will fine kneading the dough easier.

Now, how would you do it? 

  1. Ensure that you have clean and sanitize your working table, utensils and hands.
  2. You have options to mix on the working table or in a bowl.
  3. For table mixing, place the flour into your mixing table.
  4. Using your hand create a hole at the center.
  5. Put 2/3 amount of water into the hole.
  6. Add the baking powder, bread improver and yeast and quickly stir.
  7. Add sugar and salt then mix to dissolve.
  8. Gradually pull the flour into the center and mix with the liquid solution. Do these until all the solids are absorbed by the liquid. 
  9. Add the shortening and continue mixing.
  10. For the option to mix in mixing bowl, you may place in a bowl and exclude the making a hole portion. 
  11. Once all the shortening is incorporated, remove from the mixing bowl and knead on the working table. Grease the table with a little shortening to prevent the dough in sticking.
  12. If the dough is still stiff, add more water by a tablespoon until it all absorb the water while not making it very sticky., 
  13. Continue to knead until the dough forms an elastic thin membrane that doesn’t break when a small piece is pulled out slowly. In my personal observation, total kneading time for this recipe is 40-45 minutes.
  14. Gather the dough and form into a ball.
  15. Cover with a plastic, cheese cloth or your mixing bowl itself.
  16. Rest for 10 minutes.
  17. After 10 minutes, punch the dough to release air.
  18. Form to rectangular size and roll elongated.
  19. Cut the elongated dough into 5 small rolls.
  20. Then cut each small rolls into five small pieces. This is approximately 36 grams per piece.
  21. Press, fold one side to the middle and do the same for the other side.
  22. You may opt to fill with slice cheese, sweet spread or fruit jam of your choice before folding.
  23. Seal the folded shape and roll making sure they are of same length and thickness.
  24. Place on a greased tray and rest covered until they double in size.
  25. When doubled, preheat shortening in a frying fan.
  26. Individually and slowly drop the donuts on hot shortening.
  27. Frying takes about 45 seconds per side.
  28. Drain and coat with sugar while hot.
  29. Serve and enjoy while still hot.

I still do not have the right gadgets to take a video of this process options. But see if you can find help with these videos:  video 1 and video 2. Please watch the videos later when you have absorbed the procedure. Obviously the videos have  different recipes from mine. You may follow my procedure. Just refer to the videos to visualize the adding and kneading techniques. 

This recipe is very basic. 

You can shop online for the ingredients. 

Depending on the strength of the ingredient, the ingredient usage level by the supplier may vary a little per kilo of flour.

You can follow their recommendation.

Water is not being added all at the start depending on the ability of flour to absorb moisture.

Some may require more water depending on flour.

You can twist the formula on your second trial by adding liquid milk, milk solids, eggs or grated cheese.

Cheese can even be used as a filling.

You may add or reduce water depending on the twist you make.

Just observe the product output with every twist. Twisting can be best done by alternating one ingredient at a time so you may know its effect.

Shortening is advisable to be the frying oil so that the donuts will not be so oily after frying and cooling a little bit.

Because shortening goes back to solid state when not too hot. Its greasiness will depend on the quality of shortening used.

You can also baked this recipe if you have an oven.

Another option is substituting a portion of the shortening ingredient or all with refrigerated margarine or butter. Oohhh…so soft bread.

But let me remind you that this ingredients has certain storage requirement period and a shelf life to follow especially after opening.

Read the label carefully.

It is advisable to buy them if you will frequently make bread avoiding expiry.

Or you can buy a donut premix following their preparation instruction.

Online marketing has been extensive now.

You can purchase these ingredients online or in a bakery supplier near you.

You can also try other donut making techniques, explore other variations and understand more about the science behind what you are making.

You can try the book as shown below:

donut book picture 

You may opt to do yeast raised donuts, cake and chocolate donuts. You may also choose the donut that you want depending on your diet.

I can also teach you more to make or cook easy homemade recipes.

Just follow my blog and I have something for you weekly.

And if you like my article, please leave your comment or any question, regarding the blog.

I will also love hearing your comment if you tried the recipe. Kindly write them down in the space provided.



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