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Have read my ABOUT ROSE page and some of my personal challenges?

Many Wealthy Affiliate affiliates commented being inspired.

In my mind is the thought for those who have been inspired, and you, if you are still doubtful or less confident to try even starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate,

I give you this phrase, “with my physical limitations, I can do it…… YOU can do it, too!


What are your hesitations in joining Wealthy Affiliate?

Feeling not so engaged in computer technology? I have read many personal testimonies  at Wealthy Affiliate that they, too aren’t. And so do I.

Burdened with less educational attainment?

English as a second language?

Lack of ideas on how to write a blog?

Insufficient experience?

Want more confidence?

And, ohh… financial constraint?

And many more that you could think of.

None of the above excuses should not be at Wealthy Affiliate.

And the truth is that we can find ways to resolve them whichever excuse we have right at the moment.



Alexander is his name. Learn from him on how he dealt with his future despite the odds.

Coming from a poor and broken family, at 9 years old, he ran away from his mother and siblings finding shelter under her grandmother’s home.

Still of no luxury to enjoy, he pursued elementary while joining jeepney (a Filipino vehicle for commuting people) drivers to sustain personal needs.

Though often absent from class, missing some lessons, he went on with this kind of living until he graduated high school at 19 being one of his adviser’s favorite. Not for being always absent but for bearing the determination to make a difference in his life.

College was a slightly different scenario.

From teenage life of being named Rigor of Malolos in his hometown a notorious Filipino theater character, his father endorsed him to one of his friends while taking college.

They treated him as a foster family member which he returned in gratitude for all around household chores.

With grades passing almost to the boundary, he graduated as with the degree of BS Criminology. The course was inspired by a policeman who counseled him,together with friends, in their youth during high school.



Among the principles that he held on are:

1. It is not my sin to be born poor, but it will be my sin if I will die remaining poor. There is always a way for diligent people to earn money. Figure out a decent way to produce a living, at home  is better.

2. The challenges in life that I had, I will try my best not to allow to be experienced by my own family. You never want to share your life difficulties to your family. What you want is heritage from generation to generation to enjoy.

3. What I set as goals, I also set action plans to achieve them. Goals will only remain as goals if you don’t act on them.

4. I am not ashamed of my efforts according to my capacity, I feed on my own sweat, not theirs. Don’t accept mockery but purely intended corrections.

5. I humbly acknowledged my limitations due to frequent absences, I seek help as needed. You may not need to be literary intelligent and excellent but try to have strategies to resolve your problems or challenges.

6. I am contented of being me and what I already have, but I press on towards a better me for more life changing impact. Contented, satisfied, not wanting… it gives natural peace of mind and joy- happiness that lasts! Leveling up with no pressure is just for passion and mission.

7. I acknowledged the pure goodwill of God towards me. They give me peace even in downtimes and assurance of hope for my endeavors’ achievement, according to His will. No fall times should make you stay to the ground, always rise up with a good countenance to look for the rewards behind a challenge. Hold on to your faith in God.

All these major principles served as strong path to make my husband reached his initial goal of education and turn his life at 90 degrees angle. Not yet 100 degrees, otherwise, I will not be here.

Just being one woman behind his success. (Other women are his mother and daughter,laugh-out-loud).



Different people are with distinct status in life.

We have one common goal directed with unique purpose in life.

Wether we like it or not, that common goal will make a changing impact in our life.

Money can make us greedy but I see a community at Wealthy, especially the old ones, with good virtues. Pulling each other up to the ladder of success.

The new generation follows. They also go after a life principle that “what you give returns its favor to you in multitude“.

Let the courage I developed and the guiding principles my husband has, be one of your example to set as motivational lamp if you want a journey at Wealthy Affiliate.

Kyle, the owner and trainer,

Jay, more of webinar trainer

and other trainer affiliates are in charged of the computer technology.



Never fear of your weaknesses.

We all have. We only need to acknowledge them.

In that way, we can know what needs to be strengthen. If we lack knowledge, we have to search for it, both by ourselves and with the help of supportive people around us.

That gained knowledge must not remain as it is. It has to be applied to become wisdom. Wisdom that turns around our life 180 degrees.



We all live with a purpose or a goal.

It is what we believe that guides us to reach it or to procastinate due to our focus in our weaknesses or limitations that tear us apart to fail in the end.

But like the many people and entities that I have met, no matter how they fail, they rise up not just once, twice, many times.. and continue running the race pressing toward their goals.

My friend, never stop dreaming.

Constantly act on it.

For every fall, rise up and shake the dust which adhered to you.

Keep running.

For every stop of refreshment, rejoice!

Then move on to the next level, until you finish the race!

We all can change our life shaping a better future!

Let me end with a quote by Jim Rohn,

“Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change”.

If you have been inspired to move to a better life from whatever situation you have, kindly share your inspiration or changing life action plan below to inspire other viewers and have their own creative ways to change for future.


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