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Mommy helping daughter wash hands

Hi Mommy! Welcome your morning with good vibes, calm down from your exhaustive duties.

Find time to sit, relax and plan your day’s tasks for the family’s sake to accomplish more.

God gives grace and blesses the work of our hands (Deuteronomy 28:12). Your perseverance is blessed!

So breathe in… and breathe out…, while reading and learning from my article today.

Believe me, you are going to gain extra good vibes and be more productive within the day without feeling that stress to draw a line on your forehead.

The feeling is just like reading your good vibes magazine.

Cheer up! and bring up that smile your face loves to protrude your cheekbones.


So what is our topic menu for today?

Hmmm… let us cook something today to lighten your world out there.

In what household duties do you find difficulties accomplishing?

Is it doing the laundry?

Making the house spic and span?

Preparing the menu for the day’s meal?

Or all of the above?

In my case, I can manage to multi task the above chores.

Set the laundry, cook while washing the dishes and still do some belly rounding.

Oh come on…

It is not that easy….


My way of being able to multi task?

  1. Organize your home. Check your flow on how you can freely move with less step doing one chore to another.
  2. Frequently used items near you and less used further from you.
  3. Check your kitchen cook wares and utensils. Are they complete? Suited for every menu? And still on good condition?

Well, importance of proper utensils and cook ware saves you preparation time, cooking time and cleaning time.

It is also important that you read the instruction on how to properly use your utensils and cook wares. It will save you money from replacing your units time and again if you avoid wearing out your kitchen tools for improper use.

The quality also counts. It is not because you bought an item cheaper, you already save money. The sooner you will need for a replacement will dictate that you spend more.


It Counts To Allot Budget For Worn Out Kitchen Tools

You want to save yourself from too much stress while accomplishing more and stay as gorgeous as you are?

Why not invest on something that will keep you vibrant?

In my own experience, it took me years providing for my children most things that they could need and want.

There is nothing wrong about that. What is wrong is I focused more on temporal things rather than those that lasts.

More for the children rather than for the whole family benefits.

The kids somehow became too comfortable that they find difficulties adjusting with some budget limits this pandemic.

I would say that it is wiser for mothers to invest first on things more important earlier, squeezing the budget for the children’s wants, than the opposite actions of this scenario.I have seen children quicker to understand and more maturedly working out for better future with this strategy.

For a recommendation, invest on something of frequent use and of good increase in your productivity like this multi function pressure cooker.

It is Mueller UltraPot 6Q Pressure Cooker Instant Crock 10 in 1 Pot with German ThermaV Tech, Cook 2 Dishes at Once, BONUS Tempered Glass Lid incl, Saute, Steamer, Slow, Rice, Yogurt, Maker, Sterilizer

With Mueller Ultrapot 6Q Pressure Cooker you can easily cook assorted dishes which you can just choose from its pre-programmed features.

You may check its features on the link provided to see how it can help ease up your cooking routine.

This recommendation will definitely cut your time from your usual cooking time allotment if you haven’t got one like it.

On saving time, I can now bring another agenda that you are also of much concern.

You got it right!


It is the budget perse!

Oh no! Bills are coming their way! Electric, water, internet connection, rental or amortization, school fees, meals, groceries… what else?

Care for an extra money to augment your budget?

I got one!

Do you know that I was able to build my online business with a very small capital?

Well actually, at the beginning, I did not invest anything. That was my Starter Membership where I was able to study about  the business and review what it has to offer.

It was only when I had a thorough review even searching Google if it is a scam or legit that I decided to join their premium membership which I did not regret and now I am working up the ladder of success.

Girl, I have been a Food Technology Consultant and one of my job then is to create food business concept for a client. Sad to say that I made one for myself but I cannot sustain it.

I gave it up for not being able to manage it well. I was busy with my employment and projects plus my mother duties. I was not yet that aware with all the planning and proper implementation procedures then for a sustainable business.

Too many requirements. The recipe, process, capital investment, set-up, organization, accounting system, quality control, operations – the entire manufacturing system.

So much to think of. So tiring. Very stressful.

But I found this online business easier to handle with a promising profit once established.

You might want to consider looking at it.


Your Very Own Online Business

     Do as I did

I will not suggest it if I do not find it good to handle and a profitable business.

You only need to set it first for a few months and then earn your income out of it.

If you truly work it out with patience and perseverance, you will really harvest the fruit of your labor.

The platform, Wealthy Affiliate, contains several lessons with built-in tasks to do which automatically set up your business.

It also offers a weekly webinar.

You cannot go wrong as long as you follow the instructions properly.

You will have a personal mentor and a huge community that is so helpful to guide you in order to succeed.

The community just naturally build a helpful attitude with what I see how the platform embedded tasks of pulling each other up.

With your own online business, I see you as happy as the girl in this video going viral.

If you found this article of helpful tips to you, kindly leave your comment below.

Or if you have any questions, please feel free to jot them below and I will be happy to answer you.

4 thoughts on “A Mother’s Perseverance

  1. Hello RJT, being a parent or guardian isn’t easy because you have to make some really wise decisions and that would be required from you always. Looking at being a mother alone there is a lot that comes with that title and you have to be very patient with the kids because they can really act funny in ways that could annoy you. It’s very amazing indeed. 

    1. Yes, I agree.  A mother is a mother. An 18 year old and a 20 year old not acting like really matured children, I am annoyed on a daily basis. I just deal with them and guide them patiently with grace. And the commitment of being a parent just lies within our hearts.

  2. It’s without a doubt that the values of mothers in the family cannot be denied. It’s good that they are receiving all the attention that they deserve. I think your article will be especially useful to mothers out there, you enumerated some really great points snx I agree totally with everything you said. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article. 

    1. Thank you for confirming that my article will be useful to mothers. My niche is really about mothers daily walk concerns and how can they conquer certain problems arising plus the bonus of creating an online business.

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