A Gift Idea For Yourself, Mommy

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Hello, my beautiful fellow Mommy out there?

How is your day?

This is just for trying to ease up your day, lighten your daily activities and all smile welcome your family with hugs and kisses!

I know how Moms magically manage a day.

With all the sacrifices…


Oops! Some Sacrifices Mother Makes are:

Your children and husband gets the best part of the meat.

You will wake up early to prepare breakfast for them before you prepare yourself, either for a job out there or more household activities.

You will make sure the family is well-fed, dressed and prepared before taking off. Not much travel now. But more for online schooling or work option.

Cooking for lunch and dinner depending on your family coming back home schedule is another responsibility.

Very little will it be considered if you have a job for an extra income and after office hours, you are expected to do your Mom duties..


Just Want to Ask You These Questions

Mommy working on computer with children playing at her back

With all those sacrifices or loving care for your family, do you ever motivate yourself for a reward?

Did you ever feel that you are craving for some personal things for yourself, but you cannot just prioritize them in your budget?

Here we go with the sacrifice thing again of family needs first, before your wants.

Sometimes. It is not even wants but needs that you are sacrificing?

Am I making a sense? Do you really sacrifice for your family?

Well, if you do, allow me to offer some motivational strategies for you.


Motivate Yourself For A Change

  • Replace you mindset and focus it on personal loving care. You will be happier to carry all your family duties, either household or job-related, if you are doing them out of love.
  • Be thankful for the day. Be it smoothly faced or run with a trial, the reality is you are alive and will peacefully face another day.
  • Plan the day ahead. Things will be easier achieved when planned. You will be more time and accomplishment conscious with to do list.
  • Reward yourself for a work well done. Include your personal needs in the budget list. Either you will list at once or list on staggered budgeting basis then buying when completed. Your wants may also be included but may take longer.
  • Expect only the positive things daily. If a negative concern is on its way, try to look for the positive impacts it tags along. Surely there is!

To motivate yourself will not only give a light, joyful and peaceful feeling.

It also increases your productivity and efficiency! Lots of things left undone with some poor accomplishments.

I read a lot of articles stating the science behind this.

And I have proven this myself.


Difference Of Productivity If Motivated Or Not

If I am emotionally down, a chain reaction of low and inefficient output follows.

Many things not being done well. Even what I am cooking tastes bland.

But if I am happy even for a simple motivation. I am giving more efficient output than expected.

For quite sometime, I have never rewarded myself with anything that can boost my morale.

It is only this month again, that I bought myself just a few beauty products which I spent from a bit of labor with love.

I will share some tips about this later.



In this article, I encouraged you Mom to pay attention to yourself. You get your reward for joys and love response but a simple reward for yourself adds a different joy and boost to your morale.

This is not a matter of being materialistic but many times, a Mom tend to forget about herself and sacrifice a lot for her children.

If you can reward our children with a cellphone or any expensive gadget? Why can’t you reward yourself with simple things that you love?

Think and grab that idea for self reward without being burdened of your monthly expenses and give that extra charge to you as a Mom.

Try it and observe how you feel and see its impact to your daily duties.

So, let me know if I have made an impact to you with these article? You may leave your comment below.

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