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Mommy’s TLC throughout the Storms

A child touches his mother’s hand, soft or rough, for the sense of peace that he cannot be harmed and will always be full and safe. Few days ago, we just experienced a storm surge here in my country, the Philippines. My province, as well as some provinces in North Luzon got hit. The storm … Read more

Investing For Your Future

Turning Passion to Business

My idea in teaching you how to make simple donuts, Mom, is not just for your boredom breaker but also to initiate your creative thinking. Your personal touch creations will also lead you to the benefits of learning new things. We learn something new everyday. But how do you nourish that new learning? Do you … Read more

Top 10 Benefits Of Mom Staying at Home

Coming from a working mom scenario and now staying home, I can personally attest to you on what top 10 benefits I saw for moms staying at home. It broke my heart after recovering from my mild stroke incident. Taking more time to stay home for muscle strengthening allowed me to see the developed values … Read more

A Gift Idea For Yourself, Mommy

Hello, my beautiful fellow Mommy out there? How is your day? This is just for trying to ease up your day, lighten your daily activities and all smile welcome your family with hugs and kisses! I know how Moms magically manage a day. With all the sacrifices… Oops! Some Sacrifices Mother Makes are: Your children … Read more

A Mother’s Perseverance

Hi Mommy! How did you welcome the morning today? How are you doing at this point of time? Getting a little drowsy walking to and fro to accomplish the day tasks for your family’s sake? Well, calm down.I know how much perseverance you have to achieve your to do list. But first, have a sit … Read more

My Well Balanced Life Wooden Leg-like

  Another challenge I faced in my mild stroke recovery is how to have a better posture or should I say how to keep standing firm? My left leg was somewhat stiff like a wooden leg and it was so difficult to manage my body as if I was always losing my balance. At the … Read more


All of us, I am sure do not only dream towards our money goal. How we would be physically, mentally and emotionally fit while we are working our way there is another concern that we have. Health related hurdles are a great challenge for us to remain focus and active with our own responsibilities. But … Read more


  A newbie  at Wealthy Affiliate, I am already considering myself as a regular visitor, customer or client of Site Support. As computer and information technology has not been my priority to study deeper, it would be a great challenge for me adapting to a new environment. Coming from a traditional business coach which mostly … Read more